Temple of BhaalTemple of Bhaal

Location code: AR0125
Non-respawning: Battle Horrors, (unique enemies)


Beware: traps!Traps

Single click the map to reveal the traps.
Double-click the map to hide the traps.

Battle HorrorsBattle Horrors

Some traps are undetectable and summon Battle Horrors when triggered. Both the Battle Horror traps and the traps on the skull symbol cannot be removed.

1Sarevok, Angelo, Tazok and Semaj

There are many ways to approach the final battle. You should remove the traps along the left side of the room whatever you decide to do. One option is to antagonise each of Sarevok's cohorts in turn so that you are only ever fighting one of them. Sneak close enough to the altar to reveal one of them. Fire an arrow then retreat hastily back to your party. If done correctly you can draw each of the combatants away from the altar for a six on one battle until only Sarevok remains. One option for dealing with Sarevok is using a combination of Haste and Arrows of Piercing and other deadly missiles. Use Monster Summoning to keep him away from your group. Alternatively you can attempt to take on the group all at once for a real challenge! As soon as Sarevok is dead the game will end.
REWARD: 31800 exp, Wand of Lightning, Bastard Sword, Long Sword, Long Bow +1, Quarter Staff, Arrows of Detonation (8), Plate Mail Armor, Traveler's Robe, Potion of Strength, Oil of Speed, [Vampiric Touch], [Fireball], Black Opal, 151gp

Congratulations on completing Baldur's Gate and the Tales of the Sword Coast!


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