W SewersW Sewers

Location code: AR0224
Non-respawning: Giant Spider, Huge Spider, (unique enemies)
Respawning: Ghasts, Ghouls, Phase Spiders
Sleep disturbed by: Giant Spiders

Exit point - Iron Throne (basement) AR0611
Exit point - Undercellars (north-east) AR0112
Exit point - Central Sewers (north) AR0225
Exit point - Central Sewers (south-west) AR0225
Exit point - Central Sewers (west) AR0225

Each exit corresponds directly to its named counterpart on the surface, e.g. NW6 takes you to sewer grate NW6 in NW Baldur's Gate.


Bath tub

Search the tub.
LOOT: Male Body

1Schlumpsha the Sewer King

Schlumpsha will hail you. Deride him and he will attack. Kill him and his sewerfolk.
SCHLUMPSHA: 2500 exp, 16gp

Floating corpse

Pick up the body.
LOOT: Male Body


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