Durlag's Labyrinth Level 1Durlag's Labyrinth L1

Location code: AR0511
Next stop: Durlag's Labyrinth Level 2
Non-respawning: Flesh Golems, Greater Doppelgangers, Mustard Jellies, Skeletons, Skeleton Warriors, (unique enemies)
Respawning: Battle Horrors, Flesh Golems, Ghasts, Ghouls, Ogre Berserkers, Phase Spiders, Wraith Spiders, Zombies
Sleep disturbed by: Ghasts, Skeletons


Beware: traps!Traps

Bewarned! The northernmost trap between the lift chamber and the servant's quarters is undetectable. You should either use Boots of Speed or avoid travelling down the corridor altogether.
Single click the map to reveal the traps and hidden doors.
Double-click the map to hide the traps and hidden doors.

Hidden doorsHidden doors


Lift chamber

Raid the NE barrel, SW barrel, W barrel and a stash hidden at the top of a metal pole at x 1484 y 1223.
LOOT: Mallet Handle, Wand of Monster Summoning, Arrows of Biting (8), Arrows (20), Antidote (6), Potion of Fire Resistance, Potion of Heroism, Potion of Healing (3), Potion of Insulation, Potion of Master Thievery (2), Potion of Perception (4), [Protection from Acid], [Protection from Electricity], 110gp

1The Warder: Pride

Talk to Pride. He offers a riddle to solve. Enter the reading room. Click on the each of the four books. Cross the corridor to the sword room and Durlag's Pride will now be surrounded by a glowing field. The sword will talk to you. Return to Pride.
REWARD: 2000 exp

2The Warder: Avarice

Talk to Avarice. He offers a riddle to solve. Enter the treasure room. Collect the Glittering Beljuril Gemstone. Return it to Avarice.
REWARD: 2000 exp

3The Warder: Fear

Talk to Fear. He offers a riddle to solve. Collect the Mallet Handle from a barrel in this lift chamber. Collect the Mallet Head from the Greater Doppelgangers' room. Take both parts to the forge and click twice on the anvil. Take the Gong Mallet to the trophy room and click on the gong. Return to Fear.
REWARD: 2000 exp

4The Warder: Love

Talk to Love. He offers a riddle to solve. Collect the Odd Looking Key from the treasure room. Enter the lady's bedchamber and open the warded desk. Collect the Switch for an Engine. Collect the Grapes from the garment room. Enter the engine room and click twice on the switch panel on the gantry. Enter the wine press room and click twice on the press. You will obtain a Bottle of Wine. Return it to Love and prepare to fight as soon as you have claimed your reward.
REWARD: 4000 exp

Store room

Raid the two trapped and locked chests.
LOOT: Spear, Scimitar, Acid Arrows (16), Arrows of Ice (15), Bolts of Lightning (20), Large Shield, Potion of Perception, Potion of Master Thievery (2), Potion of Absorption, Antidotes (4), [Hold Monster], 57gp


Raid the bowl shaped container and the barrel of arrows.
LOOT: Sling +1, Heavy Crossbow, Composite Long Bow, Acid Arrows (20), Arrows +1 (20), Arrows (40), Bullets +1 (20), Bolts +1 (40), Bolts (40), Darts of Stunning (20), Darts +1 (20), Darts (40)


Raid the trapped and locked bedside cabinet.
LOOT: Arrows of Fire (20), Bolts +1 (20), Bullets +2 (20), Darts of Wounding (15), Darts +1 (20), Potion of Healing (12), Potion of Cloud Giant Strength

Trophy room

Raid the large barrel.
LOOT: Throwing Axe (10), Potion of Healing (10)

Sitting room

Raid the trapped wardrobe.
LOOT: Broken weapon, Arrows (20), Oil of Speed (2), Ruby Ring

Servants' quarters

Raid the barrel.
LOOT: Broken weapon, Bullets (20), Darts of Stunning (10), [Identify] (2), Bloodstone Gem

Lady's bedchamber

Raid the trapped and locked chest and warded desk (you will need the Odd Looking Key from the treasure room to open it).
LOOT: Switch for an Engine, Arrows of Detonation (2), Arrows (40), Bolts +1 (14), Bolts (40), Bullets +2 (5), Plate Mail +3, Potion of Heroism, Potion of Firebreath, Potion of Master Thievery, [Confusion], [Feeblemind], [Chaos], Bluestone Necklace, 72gp

Garment room

Raid the trapped drawers.
LOOT: Grapes, Dagger, Sling +1, Arrows (60), Bolts (40), Bolts +2 (18), Darts (40), Elixir of Health, History of Dambrath, [Mental Domination], 510gp

Treasure room

Raid the small pile and the large pile of treasure.
LOOT: Odd Looking Key, Glittering Beljuril Gemstone, Morning Star, Composite Long Bow, Arrows +2 (20), Arrows of Dispelling (2), Arrows of Fire (20), Arrows of Ice (18), Acid Arrows (10), Bolts +2 (20), Bullets +1 (30), Bullets +2 (11), Darts +1 (20), Small Shield +1, Potion of Frost Giant Strength, Pearl, Water Opal, Star Diopside Gem, Pearl Necklace, 2137gp

Damaged room

Raid the trapped crate and the locked crate.
LOOT: Long Bow, Acid Arrows (12), Arrows (20), Darts (10), Potion of Healing (4), History of King, Silver Necklace


Raid the two trapped bookcases.
LOOT: War Hammer, Bolts of Biting (11), Bullets +1 (10), Helmet, Buckler, Potion of Hill Giant Strength, History of the Drow, History of the Last Giants, History of the Dragon Coast, History of King, [Minor Globe of Invulnerability], [Monster Summoning III], [Cloudkill], Rainbow Obsidian Necklace

Greater Doppelgangers' room

Raid the two trapped bookcases.
LOOT: Mallet Head, Flail, Halberd, War Hammer, Heavy Crossbow, Darts (10), History of Cormyr, History of Calimshan, History of the Drow, [Monster Summoning II]

5Four Warders battle

As soon as the last of the riddles has been solved, the final Warder you spoke to will transform into a combatant and summon the other three Warders. Kill them. Enchantments such as Bless, Chant, Defensive Harmony, Haste and Protection from Evil help considerably. Fear does not have any weapons or other items on his body when he is killed. Collect the wardstone and click twice on the lift to enter Level 2 of the Labyrinth.
REWARD: 10200 exp, Level 1 Exit Wardstone, Bastard Sword, Battle Axe, Short Sword +1, Helmet (2), Leather Armor, Plate Mail Armor, Large Shield


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