Durlag's Labyrinth Level 3Durlag's Labyrinth L3

Location code: AR0513
Next stop: Durlag's Labyrinth Level 4
Non-respawning: Air Aspect, Ashirukuru, Fission Slime, Greater Ghouls, Greater Wyverns, Invisible Stalkers, Phoenix Guards, Skeletons, Winter Wolves, (unique enemies)
Sleep disturbed by: Greater Ghouls


Beware: traps!Traps

Single click the map to reveal the traps.
Double-click the map to hide the traps.


A fireball regularly explodes in this room. With careful timing you can walk to the NW or SE doors. You can also use Haste or the Boots of Speed, passing the Boots into each character's inventory to get everyone across the room. While you can enter either one of the three doors branching off from the fireball room, the Skeleton's dialogue will make more sense if you enter the Greater Wyverns' cavern first.

Fireball room

Gather items from the floor of the room.
LOOT: Arrows +1 (40), Arrows of Ice (10), Darts of Wounding (8), Darts +1 (19), Potion of Healing (2), Potion of Freedom, 13gp, Bolts of Lightning (20), Oil of Speed, [Emotion], 113gp *

2Greater Wyverns

A Skeleton will hail you and inform you that there are five statues representing some failed adventurers (Hack, Moorlock, Meiala, Tarnor and Bullrush). They can be summoned by clicking on them. They will serve you for a short while before attacking. You can employ the five to soften up the Greater Wyverns to the south of this cavern. Alternatively you can release them, wait a while then battle them for the experience points. Either way kill the wyverns then any remaining adventurers when they turn hostile.
ADVENTURERS: 8865 exp, Flail, Battle Axe, Bastard Sword, Long Sword +1, Composite Long Bow, Short Bow, Arrows of Biting (36), Arrows (18), Small Shield, Full Plate Mail, Studded Leather Armor, Leather Armor, [Grease], Pearl (2), Pearl Necklace, 377gp

3Challenge of Ice

Enter the Ice chamber AR0507. You only need to kill Kaldran the Bear. If you are not completing the challenges in the given order and you want the experience you should kill the Winter Wolves first. Leave the chamber.
KALDRAN: 3000 exp

4Challenge of Air

Enter the Air chamber AR0509. You only need to kill the Air Aspect. If you are not completing the challenges in the given order and you want the experience you should kill the Invisible Stalkers first. Leave the chamber.

5Suspended Walkways

Enter the room and kill the Skeletons. Be wary of traps. The Skeletons come equipped with plenty of magic arrows which you can claim from their bones. Return to the south corridor.

Suspended walkways

Gather items from the circular floors of this area.
LOOT: Arrows of Fire (10), Arrows +2 (10), Bolts +1 (20), Bullets +2 (16), Potion of Healing (2), 66gp

Masks room

Gather items from the floor of the room at x 1946 y 2600 and x 1925 y 2560. *
LOOT: Arrows of Fire (16), Bolts of Biting (10), Antidote, 1gp

6Challenge of Fire

Enter the Fire chamber AR0508. You only need to kill the male Phoenix Guard however you should try to kill the female Phoenix Guard before she looses her arrow as this will make the fight much easier. Try an Arrow of Ice with your best archer. Fire resistance is pretty crucial here. Each foe has to be killed twice and explodes in a fireball when killed. Leave the chamber.

Maze garden

Raid the trapped dwarven statue.
LOOT: Bala's Axe, Darts of Stunning (10), Potion of Healing (3), Potion of Heroism, Potion of Master Thievery, [Hold Monster], [Domination]

7Challenge of Earth

Enter the Earth chamber AR0510. Kill the Fission Slime. As soon as it is dead you will be teleported to the chess board room AR0506.


You will find your party arranged on a giant chess board. An ethereal voice will dispense the rules which you should regard closely unless you want to face several lightning attacks. There are two important points in the rules: your "Queen" can move to any square; and once the enemy King is dead all the remaining foes will disappear and all the traps will be disabled. You could always use protection scrolls against the lightning traps. Cast Bless, Chant, Protection from Evil and other enhancements. One tactic is to ensure you don't travel beyond the squares occupied by the statues and instead make the enemies come to you. Use ranged weapons and spells, including summonings and area effect spells to provoke them. Kill the Pawns, Rooks, Knights, Bishops, King and Queen. Check their bodies for some magic items. Leave the room via the northern door to enter Durlag's Labyrinth Level 4.
KING: 2000 exp, Two Handed Sword +3, Darts of Stunning (10), Potion of Frost Giant Strength, [Emotion], [Remove Curse], [Protection from Evil 10' radius], [Champion's Strength], 418gp
QUEEN: 5000 exp, 102gp


* items and/or changes are only available if you have installed the DudleyFixes.


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