Cloakwood Mines Level 4Cloakwood Mines Level 4

Location code: AR1803
Next stop: Cloakwood Mines Level 1 [Chapter 5]
Non-respawning: Battle Horror, Guard, Mustard Jelly, (unique enemy)
Sleep disturbed by: Guards


Triggering each of the first two traps will summon a Battle Horror (4000 exp).

Beware: traps!Traps

Single click the map to reveal the traps.
Double-click the map to hide the traps.

Entrance room

Raid the locked chest.
LOOT: Potion of Healing, Potion of Cold Resistance

1Guard's quarters

Raid the locked chest.
LOOT: Potion of Healing, 83gp

2Davaeorn and the Giant Plug
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3* | Part 4

Kill Davaeorn who will teleport around the level a fair bit. Once he is dead Chapter 5 will begin. Raid the locked chest in the dining room. Loot all the rooms before leaving this level (via the lift) and return the Key to the Miner on Level 1.
REWARD: 6000 exp, Key to River Plug, Quarter Staff, Traveler's Robe, Robe of the Evil Archmagi, Bracers AC6, [Grease], [Shield], [Protection from Evil], [Protection from Petrification], Letter (3), 109gp
LOOT: 308gp

Hearth room

Raid the locked chest.
LOOT: Potion of Explosions, Potion of Firebreath, Potion of Master Thievery, Greenstone Ring


Raid the bookcase.
LOOT: [Detect Invisibility]


Raid the locked chest.
LOOT: Wand of Fear


Talk to Stephan. Whatever you say he will flee. If you are quick you can kill him. Raid the two bookcases.
REWARD: 12 exp, Quarter Staff, 58gp
LOOT: [Infravision], [Larloch's Minor Drain] (2), [Horror], [Blur]

4Treasure room

Raid the two chests and the locked chest.
LOOT: [Cursed Scroll of Stupidity], [Protection from Fire], [Protection from Undead], [Detect Invisibility], [Knock], [Melf's Acid Arrow], Diamond, Moonbar Gem, Laeral's Tear Necklace, 1085gp


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