Firewine RuinsFirewine Ruins

Location code: AR5201
Next stop: Firewine Bridge (East exit from dungeon)
Non-respawning: Kobolds, Kobold Commando, Ogre Mage, Undead Knight, (unique enemy)
Respawning: Kobold Commandos
Sleep disturbed by: Kobolds


Beware: traps!Traps

Single click the map to reveal the traps and respawn points.
Double-click the map to hide the traps and respawn points.

Respawn pointsRespawn points


Exits from the dungeon

North exit - Jenkal's house in Gullykin AR4001
South exit - Winery in Gullykin AR4003
East exit - Firewine Bridge AR4500

Kobold tactics

Kobold Commandos will re-appear at designated points if those points are out of your party's sight. Working out where the respawn points are enables you to place an NPC near that point to prevent attacks from the rear. The Kobolds' Arrows of Fire can weaken even the strongest of parties. Equip a few sharp-shooting members of your party with ranged weapons and take them out quickly. Weak mages should be protected and should not act as the rearguard.

1Gandolar and the Ogre Mage
Part 1 | Part 2* | Part 3

An Ogre Mage will hail you and attack. Kill him. If you haven't already disposed of Jenkal in Gullykin take the North Exit. After they are both dead return to Gandolar in Gullykin.
REWARD: 650 exp, Bastard Sword, Random Treasure (3)


Kill Lendarn.
REWARD: 1400 exp, Quarter Staff, Mage Robe of Electrical Resistance, Potion of Power, Potion of Stone Form, [Chill Touch], [Fireball], [Lightning Bolt], [Cloudkill], 159 gp

3Undead Knight

An Undead Knight will approach you and ask you to kill him and take his armour. You can either take the armour to a Ghost Knight or keep it to allow the ghost of Ulcaster at Ulcaster to combine it with the Idol of Kozah from the Archaeolgical Site to make the Vampiric Sword.
UNDEAD KNIGHT: 65 exp, Spear, Ancient Armor


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