Candlekeep CavesCandlekeep Caves

Location code: AR5506
Next stop: E Baldur's Gate [Chapter 7]
Non-respawning: Greater Basilisks, Phase Spiders, Sword Spiders, Wraith Spiders, (unique enemies)
Sleep disturbed by: Phase Spiders


Beware: traps!Traps

Single click the map to reveal the traps.
Double-click the map to hide the traps.

1Prat, Sakul, Tam and Bor

Prat will hail you then they will attack. Kill them. Bewarned this can be difficult merely because of the lack of room to manoeuvre.
REWARD: 4950 exp, Dagger, Flail, Short Sword, Throwing Axe +2, Composite Long Bow, Acid Arrows (11), Arrows (20), Darts of Stunning (14), Darts (20), Plate Mail Armor (2), [Chromatic Orb], [Luck], [Detect Evil], [Resist Fear], [Mirror Image], [Strength], [Haste], [Ghost Armor], [Dire Charm], [Ghoul Touch], [Slow], Letter, Black Opal, Skydrop Gem, Tchazar Gem (2), Bloodstone Amulet, Laeral's Tear Necklace, Gold Necklace, 323gp


Talk to Diarmid and pretend to be Prat. He will reveal information about the Iron Throne. You will need to be quick and deadly to kill him before he escapes. Make sure you don't kill him before he has spoken to you though!
KILL: 240 exp, Arrows of Ice, Arrows +1, 20gp


Leaving the cave commences Chapter 7. The exit will take you to the SW corner of Candlekeep outside the keep walls. Head to E Baldur's Gate.


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