Candlekeep [Prologue] 2 of 4 3 of 4 4 of 4
Weapons + armor bought
Candlekeep Inn raided
Firebead's scroll returned
Phlydia's book returned
Shank killed
Priest's Quarters raided
Deppin's antidote returned
Priest of Oghma visited
Reevor's rats killed
Storehouse raided
Hull's sword returned
Training completed
Infirmary potion collected
Infirmary raided
Carbos killed
Bunkhouse raided
Fuller's bolts returned
Barracks raided
Gorion spoken to
Lion's Way Coast Way Friendly Arm Inn 2 of 3
Imoen recruited
Gorion's items collected
Xzar + Montaron recruited
Diamond found
Ring of Protection found
Unshey's girdle collected
Caravan raided
Deke: Camp revealed
Ring of Wizardry found
Joia's ring returned
Joia's house raided
House raided

Tarnesh killed
Bentley visited
Khalid + Jaheira recruited
Unshey's girdle returned
Pantaloons returned
Landrin's items returned
3 of 3 Beregost 2 of 11 3 of 11
Friendly Arm raided
Temple of Wisdom visited
Samuel healed
House 1 raided
House 2 raided
House 3 raided
House 4 raided
House 5 raided
House 6 raided
House 7 raided

Kagain recruited
Kagain's store raided
Town Crier spoken to
Marl pacified
Feldepost's shop visited
Algernon's cloak collected
Feldepost's Inn raided
House 8 raided
4 of 11 5 of 11 6 of 11 7 of 11
House 9 raided
House 10 raided

Firebead's book returned
Firebead's house raided
House 11 raided
House 12 raided
House 13 raided
House 14 raided

Landrin's items collected
Landrin's house raided
Bjornin avenged
Gurke's cloak returned
Jovial Juggler raided
Smithy visited
Ankheg armour made
Smithy raided
House 15 raided

Mirianne's letter returned
Mirianne's house raided
House 16 raided
8 of 11 9 of 11 10 of 11 11 of 11
House 17 raided
House 18 raided
House 19 raided

House 20 raided
Karlat killed
Perdue's sword returned
Red Sheaf raided
Silke killed
Garrick recruited
Zhurlong's boots returned
Burning Wizard raided
House 21 raided
House 22 raided
House 23 raided
Travenhurst Manor raided
Servant's house raided
Bandit scalps sold to Vai
Vai: Camp defeated
Tranzig interrogated
High Hedge 2 of 2 South Beregost Road North Nashkel Road
Kivan recruited
High Hedge visited
Flesh Golems killed
Melicamp antichickenated
Perdue's sword collected
Spider house raided Mirianne's letter collected
Flaming Fist pacified
Zhurlong's boots collected
Treasure cave raided
_ none _
Nashkel 2 of 5 3 of 5 4 of 5
Bardolan pacified
Neira killed
Nashkel Inn raided
Nashkel Store visited
Berrun: Mulahey exposed
Temple of Helm visited
Brage saved at temple
Oublek corrected
Prism's emeralds returned
Daer'Ragh killed
Minsc recruited
Garrison raided
Jamie killed
Manor House raided
Joseph's ring returned
Joseph's house raided
Volo pickpocketed
Edwin recruited
Noober tolerated
House 1 raided


5 of 5 Nashkel Carnival 2 of 4 3 of 4
Ankheg Plate Mail found
House 2 raided
Nimbul killed
Gazib pickpocketed
Oopah killed
Vitiare killed
Rare potions bought
Potions tent raided
Zordral killed
Magic merchant visited
Magic tent raided
Melee merchant visited
Melee tent raided
Ranged merchant visited
Ranged tent raided
Zeke pickpocketed

Branwen recruited
Armour merchant visited
4 of 4 Xvart Village Bear River Gnoll Stronghold
Armour tent raided
Campfire raided

Magic merchant visited
Village massacred
Treasure cave raided
Borda killed
Neville's group killed
BBQ Ogre killed
Laurel aided
Jared's boots obtained
Gnarl + Hairtooth killed
Xvart cave raided
Tome of Charisma found
Carrion Crawler killed
Dynaheir rescued
Nashkel Mines Gibberling Mountains Dryad Falls Fisherman's Lake
Wand of Frost found
Cabin raided
Prism's gems collected
Galtok rescued
Mines accessed
Hafiz spoken to
Samuel collected
Flaming Fist bluffed
Ring of Fire Resist found
Dryad aided
Ludrug challenged
Ingot killed
Drienne + cat reunited
Treasure cave raided
Hobgoblin killed
Teyngan's group killed
Half-Ogres killed
Drizzt aided
Drizzt killed
Temple Ulcaster Ulcaster Dungeon 2 of 2
Kelddath visited
Bassilus' symbol returned
Cattack's group killed
Wyvern reward claimed
Boots of Stealth collected
Icharyd killed
Ulcaster's book returned
Vampiric Sword made
Mustard Jelly raided
Adventurer searched
Dire Wolves raided
Huge Spiders raided
Corpse searched
Dread Wolves raided
Vampiric Wolves raided
History of Darkness found
Nashkel Mines L1 Nashkel Mines L2 Nashkel Mines L3 Nashkel Mines L4
Rack + barrel raided
Kylee's dagger obtained
Racks raided
Kylee's dagger returned
Truck and crates raided
Joseph's ring collected
Xan recruited
Mulahey killed
Letters obtained
Valley of the Tombs 2 of 2 Red Canyons Lonely Peaks
Lamalha's group killed
Ghoul tomb raided
Revenant denied
Revenant tomb raided
Narcillicus killed
Ghast tomb raided Melicamp rescued
Zargal's group killed
Bassilus' symbol collected
Arghain's group killed
Water Opal found
Ettercap cave raided
Ioin's group killed
Sarhedra: Ogres killed
2 of 2 Fire Leaf Forest Gullykin 2 of 2
Corpse searched
Hulrik's cow saved
Spells found
Albert: Rufie killed
Sendai's group killed
Vax and Zal killed
Autograph obtained
Molkar's group killed
Gandolar: ruins cleared
House 1 raided
House 2 raided
House 3 raided
House 4 raided
House 5 raided

Alvanhendar visited
Jenkal killed
Jenkal's house raided


Firewine Ruins Firewine Bridge Shipwreck's Coast Lighthouse
Ogre Mage killed
Lendarn killed
Undead Knight killed
Ancient Armor returned
Meilum killed
Karhk killed
Bentan pickpocketed
Bentan humored
Droth killed
Arcand's ring returned
The Surgeon visited
Sil's group killed
Black Alaric's cave raided
Manual found
Safana recruited
Arkushule killed
2 of 2 Archaeological Site Fishing Village 2 of 2
Ardrouine: Worgs killed Ba'ruk's group killed
Charleston aided
Idol kept from Doomsayer
Laryssa killed
Brage's riddle solved
Ajantis recruited
Sonner's group killed
House 1 raided
House 2 raided

Bowl collected
Brun's son returned
Brun's house raided
Nestor killed
Gerde's Ankhegs culled
Wyrm's Crossing 2 of 2 Muatmin's Garden Spider Wood
Tenya's bowl returned
Tenya's house raided
Nester's dagger collected
Scar spoken to
Quayle recruited
Tel-anon killed Korax employed
Shar-Teel recruited
Tamah freed
Mutamin killed
Kirian's group killed
Fahrington's scroll returned
Denak's group killed
Larswood Peldvale Bandit Camp 2 of 3
Teven killed
Osmadi + Corsone killed
Viconia recruited
Recruited through Raiken
Tazok defeated
Knott killed
Tent 1 raided
Tersus killed
Ardenor killed
Tent 2 raided
Cave Gnolls killed
Tent 3 raided
Taugosz killed
Tent 4 raided
3 of 3 Cloakwood Lodge Cloakwood Nest Cloakwood Druids
Credus killed
Shed raided
Raemon's group killed
Grand tent raided
Gurke's cloak collected
Aldeth aided
Lodge raided
Coran recruited
Centeol killed
Chelak's body returned
Eldoth recruited
Laskal befriended
Faldorn recruited
Takiyah killed
Amarande killed
2 of 2 Cloakwood Wyverns Cloakwood Mines 2 of 2
Tree-house raided
Izefia killed
Peter killed
Wyvern cave raided Lakadaar's group killed
Drasus' group killed
Barracks raided
Storehouse raided
Shed raided
Freed slave spoken to
Cloakwood Mines L1 Cloakwood Mines L2 Cloakwood Mines L3 2 of 2
Miner: key + slaves freed Yeslick recruited
Rill paid
Hareishan's group killed
Entrance group killed
Room 1 raided
NW Hobgoblins killed
Room 2 raided
Room 3 raided
Armory raided
Natasha killed
SE Hobgoblins killed
Ogre Mage killed
Temple raided


Cloakwood Mines L4 2 of 2 Farmlands E Baldur's Gate
Entrance room raided
Guard's room raided
Davaeorn killed
Key collected
Hearth room raided
Library raided
Bedroom raided

Stephan interrogated
Treasure room raided
Wenric: zombies killed
Farmhouse raided
General scavenging
Lucky Aello's raided
House 1 raided

Niklos spoken to
House 2 raided
2 of 6 3 of 6 4 of 6 5 of 6
House 3 raided
House 4 raided

Narlen: 1st test complete
Narlen: Stone stolen
Alatos: Oberon robbed
Resar killed
Black Lily visited
Manual of Dexterity found
Thieves' Guild raided
Sorcerous Sundries visited
Niemain's group killed
Halbazzer: cloak made
House 6 raided
Maltz's shop raided

Arkion: corpse retrieved
Arkion's amulet collected
Arkion's house raided
Ordulinian: ring + amulet
Brevlik: telescope retrieved
Cyrdemac killed
6 of 6 SE Baldur's Gate 2 of 5 3 of 5
Elfsong Tavern raided
Silence's shop raided

Husam: meet arranged
Tamoko spoken to
Nemphre: Arkion's amulet
Ring + amulet retrieved
Nemphre's house raided
General store raided

Taxek + Michael killed
Taxek's house raided
House 1 raided
House 2 raided

Euric's amulet returned
Inn raided
Well-adjusted Al's raided
Warehouse raided
House 3 raided

Nadarin's basilisk killed
Nadarin's warehouse raided
4 of 5 5 of 5 Baldur's Gate Docks 2 of 6
House 4 raided
Rogue Stone stolen
Gantolandan killed
Gantolandan's house raided
G'axir's services obtained
Lothander's antidote obtained
Elkart blackmailed
Desreta + Vay-ya killed
Book of curses collected
Low Lantern raided
Ghorak cured
Ghorak's house raided
Larriaz visited
Larriaz's house raided
Noralee's gauntlets returned
Noralee's warehouse raided

Basilisk killed
3 of 6 4 of 6 5 of 6 6 of 6
Basilisk warehouse raided
Cordyr: Sil killed
Cordyr's house raided
Entillis killed
Zhalimar's group killed
Letters collected
Iron Throne raided
Child's body collected
Anti-geas scroll obtained
House 1 raided
House 2 raided
Ogre Mages killed
Ogre Mages' house raided
Cythandria's group killed
Arrested by Flaming Fist
Harbor Master: Eltan safe
SW Baldur's Gate 2 of 6 3 of 6 4 of 6
General scavenging
Scar: Seven Suns report
Seven Suns raided
Scar: Doppelgangers killed
Scar: Ogre Mage's ring
Eltan: letters presented
Tiax recruited
Fergus' ring obtained
Flaming Fist HQ raided
Aldeth: League investigated
Merchant League raided
Weapons store 1 raided
Potions store 1 raided

Sunin's group killed
Sunin's house raided
Phandalyn avoided
Tavern raided
House 1 raided

House 2 raided
Green Slimes killed
5 of 6 6 of 6 W Baldur's Gate 2 of 3
Ye Olde Inn raided
Weapons store 2 raided
Wiven's group killed
Wiven's house raided
House 3 raided
Tamoko spoken to
Prison escaped
Benjy's group killed
Eltan rescued from Rashad
Fenten: Ankheg sold
Fenten's house raided
Alora recruited
Brevlik's telescope collected
Hall of Wonders raided
Forthel entertained
Agnasia: Ghorak cured
Tome obtained
Child's body returned
Tremain's house raided


3 of 3 Central Baldur's Gate 2 of 4 3 of 4
Nymph secured
Ragefast's house raided
General scavenging
House 1 raided
House 2 raided
House 3 raided

Dabron killed
House 4 raided
Rabid Chickens killed
Drakon Tavern raided
Vail's group killed
Felonius' estate raided
Lothander: Diviner visited
House 5 raided
Nadine's amulet delivered
Nadine's house raided
House 6 raided
4 of 4 NW Baldur's Gate 2 of 4 3 of 4
Oberon's artefacts collected
Oberon's estate raided
General scavenging
Gretek and Co killed
Helm and Cloak raided
House 1 raided
Dagger returned to Quinn
Quinn's house raided
Bogeyman revealed
Louise's house raided
Tavern raided
House 2 raided
Skie recruited
Entar's estate raided
Cloak returned to Pheirkas
Pheirkas' house raided
Helm taken from Degrodel
4 of 4 N Baldur's Gate 2 of 5 3 of 5
Degrodel's house raided
House 3 raided
House 4 raided
House 1 raided
Rinnie: Unicorn Run
Rinnie's house raided
Petrine's ring returned
Bheren's house raided
Jardak and Drelik killed
Jardak's house raided
House 2 raided
House 3 raided

Abela freed
Ramazith killed
Ramazith's tower raided
House 4 raided
House 5 raided
House 6 raided
4 of 5 5 of 5 NE Baldur's Gate 2 of 3
Kereph's skull found
Areana: Cyrdemac dead
Tor Lobo killed
Three Old Kegs raided
Dukes protected
Palace raided General scavenging
Marek's antidote retrieved
Jacil killed
Counting House raided
Store raided
House 2 raided
Larze killed
Blushing Mermaid raided
Brielbara: Yago's book
Narlen aided on theft
3 of 3 Undercellars W Sewers Central Sewers
Lusselyn's bet won
Splurging Sturgeon raided
Husam: entrance given
Sea charts collected
Mr Shade avoided
Balduran's Cloak obtained
Krystin + Slythe killed
Schlumpsha's group killed Ratchild's group killed
E Sewers Candlekeep [Ch.6] 2 of 3 3 of 3
Ogre Mage's ring collected
Arkion: corpse collected
Candlekeep accessed
Storehouse raided
False priest killed
Priest's Quarters raided
Candlekeep Inn raided
Hull's antidote obtained
Bunkhouse outside raided
Infirmary raided
Library raided

Koveras' ring received
Iron Throne murdered
Shistal killed
Catacombs L1 2 of 2 Catacombs L2 Candlekeep Caves
Ante-chamber raided
Phlydia killed
Tome collected
Tomb raided
Manual collected
Pile of corpses searched Doppelgangers killed
Jondalar's room raided
Prat's group killed
Diarmid interrogated


Ulgoth's Beard 2 of 3 3 of 3 Ice Island
House 1 raided
House 2 raided

Ike's tour purchased
Ulgoth's Beard Inn raided
Shandalar's cloak returned
Mendas' sea charts returned
Selaad and Baresh killed
Mendas' house raided
Cult Enforcer's ambush killed
Therella: Dalton rescued
Therella's house raided
Cult Guards' group killed
Cult Wizard's group killed
Aec'Letec's group killed
Hurgan's reward obtained
Andris' group killed
Garan killed
Cuchol killed
Tellan killed
Dezkiel: Shandalar's cloak
Isle of Balduran [south] 2 of 4 3 of 4 4 of 4
Store hut 1 raided
Store hut 2 raided
Large hut 1 raided
Store hut 3 raided
Harbor hut raided
Kaishas: Wolfweres dead
Tailas killed
Kaishas' hut raided
Maralee's son returned
Large hut 2 raided
Large hut 3 raided
Large hut 4 raided
Great hut raided

Evalt's brother returned
Farthing's doll returned
Durlyle/Delainey's cloak returned
Durlyle/Delainey's flowers returned
Isle of Balduran [north] 2 of 3 3 of 3 Werewolf Caverns
Palin: Farthing's doll collected
Meym killed
Sirine Queen: Evan collected
Kryla and Jondal killed
Dradeel's spell book returned
Dradeel's house raided
Karoug's group killed
Peladan collected
Balduran's log book collected
Shipwreck raided
Kaishas' sea charts obtained Four potion stashes found
Durlag's Tower [exterior] Durlag's Tower [Upper Levels] 2 of 2 Durlag's Labyrinth L1
Erdane visited
Ike met
Basilisks killed
Scimitar found
Ike killed by Demonknight
Upper Level 1 raided
Upper Level 2 raided

Ghost killed
Riggilo tricked
Kirinhale freed
Tome collected
Upper Level 3 raided
Upper Level 4 raided
Basement raided
Lift chamber raided
Pride's puzzle solved
Avarice's puzzle solved
Fear's puzzle solved
Love's puzzle solved
2 of 4 3 of 4 4 of 4 Durlag's Labyrinth L2
Store room raided
Forge raided
Bedroom raided
Trophy room raided
Sitting room raided
Servant's quarters raided
Lady's bedchamber raided
Garment room raided
Treasure room raided
Damaged room raided
Library room raided
Doppelganger's room raided

Warders killed
Statue room raided
Dummy room raided
Islanne's room raided

Kiel's Helmet collected
Torture room raided
2 of 3 3 of 3 Durlag's Labyrinth L3 2 of 3
Urn room raided
Exit Wardstone collected
Temple raided
Kiel's room raided

Dwarven Doom Guard killed
Bridges room raided Fireball room raided
Adventurers killed
Greater Wyverns killed
Ice Challenge completed
Air Challenge completed
Walkways raided
Masks room raided

Fire Challenge completed
Maze garden raided
Earth Challenge completed
3 of 3 Durlag's Labyrinth L4 2 of 4 3 of 4
Chess pieces killed Caverns raided
Compass wardstone collected
Store room raided
Throne room raided

Throne / Golem puzzle solved
Islanne's room raided
Forge raided

Bone wardstone collected
Rune room raided
Bed / Golem puzzle solved
Stone Golem answered
Stone / Golem puzzle solved
Durlag followed
Clair's room raided
Demonknight killed


4 of 4 Thieves' Maze Undercity Temple of Bhaal
Dalton freed Pantaloons in inventory
Selected export items for BG2
Rahvin's group killed
Tamoko killed
Sarevok's group killed