Cloakwood Mines Level 2Cloakwood Mines Level 2

Location code: AR1804
Next stop: Cloakwood Mines Level 3
Non-respawning: Black Talon Elite, Ghasts, Guards, (unique enemy)
Sleep disturbed by: Guards


Beware: traps!Traps

Single click the map to reveal the traps and hidden doors.
Double-click the map to hide the traps and hidden doors.

Hidden doors Hidden doors



Talk to this Lawful Good Dwarven Fighter / Cleric. You can recruit him. If your NPC Reaction is 1-7 or you turn down his offer to join he will depart. If you do not want him in your party at this point in the game then return to the surface before dismissing him. If you flood the mines and he is underground you will not be able to recruit him later (doh!). There is a good chance that he will battle Kagain if they are both in the party.

2Davaeorn and the Giant Plug
Part 1 | Part 2* | Part 3 | Part 4

Talk to Rill. If you are feeling good you can give him 100gp to free the slaves.
AIDED RILL: -100gp


Enter the room and kill everyone including the mage Hareishan.
HAREISHAN: 1200 exp, Quarter Staff, Adventurer's Robe, Potion of Explosions, [Ghoul Touch], [Haste], 310gp


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