Durlag's TowerDurlag's Tower

Location code: AR0500
Next stop: Durlag's Upper Levels
Non-respawning: Battle Horrors, Doom Guard, Greater Basilisks, Greater Ghoul, Lesser Basilisk, Skeletons
Respawning: Doppelgangers, Gnolls, Greater Doppelgangers
Sleep disturbed by: Gnolls

N: Firewine Bridge
E: -
S: Nashkel Carnival
W: Lonely Peaks


Be sure to scale the battlements for some undead combat.


Talk to Erdane. He sells ammo, potions and some weapons.

1Ike's Guided Tour
Part 1 | Part 2* | Part 3

Talk to Ike. Follow him to the entrance drawbridge. Talk to him again then follow him into the 1st floor AR0502 of Durlag's Upper Levels.

2Basilisk excursion
Part 1 | Part 2*

Kill the various monsters around the rooftops. Return back via the stairs to the 2nd floor AR0503 of Durlag's Upper Levels and continue with the other quests.

3Hidden scimitar

Use the exact location x 2281 y 586 to find a scimitar and other treasures hidden inside a trapped chimney pipe.
BONUS: Scimitar +2, Acid Arrows (20), 104gp


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