Lonely PeaksLonely Peaks

Location code: AR4400
Next stop: Fire Leaf Forest (South from Nashkel)
Non-respawning: Ettercap, Half-Ogres, Hobgoblin Elite, Ogres, Ogre Berserker, Ogrillon, Xvarts, (unique enemies)
Respawning: Black Bears, Brown Bears, Cave Bears, Dire Wolves, Dread Wolves, Half-Ogres, Hobgoblin Elite, Kobolds, Kobold Commandos, Ogres, Ogre Berserkers, Ogre Mages, Ogrillons, Wolves, Xvarts
Sleep disturbed by: Half-Ogres, Wolves
Waylaid by enemies: Mini-Guide

N: Ulcaster (AR5600 - 20%)
E: Firewine Bridge (AR5600 - 20%)
S: Nashkel Carnival (AR5900 - 20%)
   Durlag's Tower
W: North Nashkel Road (AR5900 - 20%)



Arghain and his clan of Half-Ogres will approach and then attack. Kill him.
ARGHAIN: 520 exp, Bandit Scalp, Two Handed Sword +1, Helmet, Random Treasure (6)

2Water Opal

Use the exact location x 1570 y 1486 to find a gem hidden under a rock.
BONUS: Water Opal

3Ettercap's cave

Immediately inside the cave entrance is a trap! Enter the cave AR4401. You should disarm the trap before moving to kill the Ettercap and raid the box.
LOOT: Potion of Fire Resistance, Cursed Oil of Speed, Bloodstone Amulet

4Ioin, Dribben and Billy

Ioin and his group will approach and threaten you. You can give them all your money or kill them.
REWARD: 750 exp, Bandit Scalp (3), Long Bow (2), Short Sword, Bastard Sword, Long Sword, Arrows +1, Arrows, Splint Mail (2), Chainmail Armor, Aquamarine Gem, Star Diopside Gem, Waterstar Gem, 172gp

5Sarhedra's Ogres

Talk to Sarhedra. She wants you to kill some Ogres. Head south and kill them all. Return to Sarhedra.
REWARD: 300 exp


Search the body.
LOOT: Potion of Healing, Cursed Oil of Speed, 59gp

7Hulrik and Arabelle

Hulrik will hail you. Defend his cow from the Xvarts. If you manage to save it talk to Hulrik.
REWARD: 350 exp, Reputation +1


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