Wyrm's CrossingWyrm's Crossing

Location code: AR0900
Next stop: Mutamin's Garden (East from Temple)
Non-respawning: Ankheg, (unique enemies)
Waylaid by enemies: Mini-Guide

N: Farmlands*
E: -
S: Fishing Village (AR6100 - 20%)
W: E Baldur's Gate*

* from Chapter 5 onwards


You will not be able to cross the bridge into Baldur's Gate until Chapter 5.

Beware: traps!Reputation trap

If your Reputation is lower than 4 you will be approached by Tel-anon, a Harper. You can convince him that you won't fight in which case he will leave as attacking you undefended would contradict hs principles. Otherwise you can kill him.
REWARD: 2000 exp, Long Sword +1, 66gp

1Tenya and the Fishermen
Part 1 | Part 2* | Part 3 | Part 4*

Talk to Tenya. Say you have come to end her villainous deeds. She will attack. Try not to kill her, just hurt her. She will cease her attack and say that the fishermen are the evil ones. Return to the fishermen in the Fishing Village. Having talked to the fishermen you will either want to kill her for some more money (in which case return to the fishermen once the deed is done) or you will have killed the fishermen in which case return her bowl to her.
KILL TENYA: 650 exp, Flail, Bracers of Defense AC7

Tenya's house AR0901

Raid the locked drawers and locked chest.
LOOT: Dagger, Darts (10), Skydrop Gem, Jade Ring, 44gp

2Quinn and Nester's dagger
Part 1* | Part 2

Look for Ankhegs. Kill them. One will have Nester's dagger. Return it to Quinn in NW Baldur's Gate in Chapter 5. Hang onto it if you have not passed into Chapter 5!


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