Fishing VillageFishing Village

Location code: AR1400
Next stop: Wyrm's Crossing (North)
Non-respawning: Ankhegs, Cave Bear, (unique enemies)
Respawning: Ankhegs, Bandits, Hobgoblins
Sleep disturbed by: Ankhegs
Waylaid by enemies: Mini-Guide

N: Wyrm's Crossing (AR6100 - 5%)
   Bandit Camp*
E: Peldvale (AR5900 or AR6000 - 20%)
   Bandit Camp (AR6001 - 20%)*
S: Friendly Arm Inn
W: -

* from Chapter 3 onwards


Beware: traps!Reputation trap

If your Reputation is lower than 4 you will be approached by Nestor, a Ranger. He is hunting you. You can pretend you are not the one he seeks and he will leave, or confess and he will attack with a Cave Bear.
REWARD: 950 exp, Spear, Long Bow, Arrows, Studded Leather Armor, Potion of Healing, 58gp


Talk to this Lawful Good Human Paladin. You can recruit him or dismiss him. If he leaves the party because of unhappiness he will attack any evil aligned members he sees. There is also a random chance he will attack evil party members while he is in the group.
RECRUITED: Bastard Sword, Helmet, Medium Shield, Chainmail Armor

2Tenya and the Fishermen
Part 1* | Part 2 | Part 3* | Part 4

Talk to Sonner. He will complain about a witch affecting their fishing. Evil people can agree to dispose of the witch for 20gp. Head north to Wyrm's Crossing and speak to Tenya. After her sidequest, talk to Sonner again and say the priestess had much to say. Evil people can ask him to sweeten the deal and he will add 100gp, in which case you should talk to him again after Tenya is dead. Good people will demand the fishermen (Sonner, Jebadoh and Telmen) hand over Tenya's bowl. Then kill them for being cruel to her. Return the bowl to Tenya.
TENYA DEAD REWARD: 1000 exp, Flail +1, 120gp
KILL FISHERMEN: 77 exp, Bowl of Water Elemental Control, Flail +1, Spear, 181gp

House 1 AR1402

Raid the locked drawers and locked chest.
LOOT: Silver Necklace, 32gp

House 2 AR1403

Raid the two locked chests.
LOOT: Sling, Bullets (10), 27gp

3Farmer Brun and Nathan

Talk to Brun. He has lost his son. Enter the pit AR1401 to the west of his farm. Kill lots of Ankhegs. Collect his son's body from an alcove x 2460 y 140. Return with the body. Talk to Brun. You can offer him 100gp as an act of charity. Beware if you have any Ruby Rings as they will automatically be included in your gift to him unless you drop them on the floor before you talk to him.
RETURN BODY: 500 exp
DONATE MONEY: 1000 exp, Reputation +1, -100gp
LOOT: Brun's Dead Son, Wand of Fire, Dagger +1, Darts of Stunning (5), Darts of Wounding (5), Chainmail +1, Potion of Cloud Giant Strength, Cursed Antidote, Potion of Magic Protection, [Dire Charm], [Ghost Armor], 560 gp

Farmer Brun's House AR1404

Raid the two locked chests.
LOOT: Lynx Eye Gem, Zircon Gem, 7gp


Talk to Gerde. She wants you to cull some Ankhegs. Kill as many as you find. Return and talk to her again.
REWARD: 75gp


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