SW Baldur's Gate [Chapter 7] SW Baldur's Gate [Ch.7]

Location code: AR1100
Non-respawning: (unique enemies)
Respawning: Flaming Fist Enforcers

N: W Baldur's Gate
E: Baldur's Gate Docks
S: -
W: -

All sewer grates lead to the W Sewers AR0224


Beware: traps!Reputation traps

If your Reputation is lower than 3 you will be attacked by groups of three Flaming Fist Enforcers, a Flaming Fist Scout and a Flaming Fist Battle Wizard. The Flaming Fist will attack suddenly both on the streets and in the Flaming Fist Headquarters.
REWARD: 1550 exp, Flail (3), Composite Long Bow (2), Arrows, Arrows +1, Arrows of Dispelling, Helmet (3), Small Shield, Plate Mail Armor (3)

1The assassination attempt
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Angelo Dosan will hail you. He works for Sarevok now. Be humble and cowing otherwise he will kill one of your party. If Shar-Teel is in your party he will let you go (familial bonus), otherwise he will throw you in jail. Talk to Neb until he offers you a way out and asks you a riddle, the answer of which is 33 (the sequence takes the previous two numbers plus 1 to obtain the next number, 12 + 20 + 1 = 33). The answers to his other riddles are "mirror" and "tomorrow". Return to the Flaming Fist Headquarters AR0607, Benjy will approach you then a fight breaks out. Kill the hostile Mercenaries. Go upstairs AR0608 and talk to Kent. He suspects the healer, Rashad, attending to Duke Eltan is a fraud. Interrogate the healer and he will turn into a Greater Doppelganger. Kill him. Talk to Eltan. He wants you to take him to the Harbor Master's building. He also wants you to stop the assassins Krystin and Slythe and gives you an invite that will get you into the Duchal Palace. Head to the HarborMaster's building at the Baldur's Gate Docks.
BENJY: 420 exp, Long Sword, Plate Mail Armor

Part 1 | Part 2* | Part 3

Talk to Tamoko. She wants you to dispose of Cythandria who is an evil influence on her lover Sarevok and to spare Sarevok's life. Agree to this. You must wait until you arrive in the Undercity before you can complete this sidequest. For now head to the Iron Throne building at the Baldur's Gate Docks.

3Betrayed by Aldeth *

If you aided Aldeth Sashenstar with his Doppelganger problem you will find him on the second floor of the Merchant League building AR0128, eager to talk with you. However, it is a trap. He has heard about the murder of the Iron Throne leaders and summons the Flaming Fist. Avoid this encounter. If you have already exposed Sarevok at the Duchal Palace then Aldeth will not appear.
ALDETH: 650 exp, Bastard Sword +1 (+3 vs Shapeshifters), Short Sword, Studded Leather Armor, Potion of Heroism, Diamond, 1240gp


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