Baldur's Gate Docks Baldur's Gate Docks

Location code: AR1200
Non-respawning: Greater Basilisk, Guards, Ogre Mages, Priestesses of Umberlee, (unique enemies)

N: Central Baldur's Gate
E: SE Baldur's Gate
S: -
W: SW Baldur's Gate

All sewer grates lead to the Central Sewers AR0225
Iron Throne basement leads to the W Sewers AR0224


Beware: traps!Reputation traps

If your Reputation is lower than 3 you will be attacked by groups of three Flaming Fist Enforcers, a Flaming Fist Scout and a Flaming Fist Battle Wizard.
REWARD: 1550 exp, Flail (3), Composite Long Bow (2), Arrows, Arrows +1, Arrows of Dispelling, Helmet (3), Small Shield, Plate Mail Armor (3)

1Desreta and Vay-ya

Enter the Low Lantern AR0133. Go downstairs AR0134. You will be approached by Desreta. Accept her offer of entropy. She will attack. Kill her and her companion.
REWARD: 3600 exp, Dagger +1, Long Sword +1, Gauntlets of Ogre Power, Wand of Fire, [Clairvoyance], [Dispel Magic], Skydrop Gem, Tchazar Gem, 266gp

2Brielbara and Yago
Part 1 | Part 2* | Part 3

Enter the Low Lantern AR0133. Head to the third deck down AR0135 and talk to Yago. Kill him. Collect his book and return to Brielbara in the Splurging Sturgeon in NE Baldur's Gate.
YAGO: 1400 exp, Quarter Staff, Knave's Robe, Yago's book of curses

Low Lantern, 1st deck down AR0133

Raid the locked chest.
LOOT: [Protection from Fire], [Cursed Scroll of Weakness], 112gp

_ _ _ 2nd deck down AR0134

Raid the two locked chests.
LOOT: Long Sword +1, Andar Gem, 120gp

_ _ _ 3rd deck down AR0135

Raid the three locked drawers.
LOOT: Small Sword, Dagger, [Melf's Acid Arrow], [Blur], [Sleep], [Fireball], 230gp

_ _ _ 4th deck down AR0136

Raid two crates.
LOOT: Bloodstone Gem (6), 150gp

Part 1* | Part 2 | Part 3

Enter the house AR1211. Talk to Ghorak. He needs curing. Head to the Three Old Kegs in N Baldur's Gate. You can return to Ghorak once he has been cured but it is not necessary.

Ghorak's house, 1st floor AR1211

Raid two bookcases and the locked chest.
LOOT: Short Sword, Antidote, History of Shadowdale, History of the Dragon Coast

_ _ _ 2nd floor AR1212

Raid two bookcases and the drawers.
LOOT: Throwing Daggers (12), History of the Dead Three, History of Shadowdale, 43gp


Enter the locked house AR1209. Larriaz will approach you. She has killed a fisherman's family and is dying. You can leave her to die or kill her.
REWARD: 30 exp, Pearl

Larriaz' locked house, 1st floor AR1209

Raid the locked chest.
LOOT: Turquoise Gem

_ _ _ 2nd floor AR1210

Raid the locked chest.
LOOT: 1gp


Enter the warehouse AR1208. Talk to Noralee. She will not give you the quest if your NPC Reaction is less than 8. She has lost her gauntlets. Leave the warehouse and search a chest to the SW of the WaterQueen's House. You can either keep the gauntlets or return them to Noralee. Your reward depends on your NPC Reaction.
NPC REACTION 8 - 14: 1000 exp, Reputation +1, 45gp
NPC REACTION 15 - 20: 1000 exp, Reputation +1, Potion of Infravision (2)
OR: Guantlets of Weapon Skill

Noralee's warehouse AR1208

Raid a crate, two barrels, a locked chest and desk.
LOOT: Elixir of Health, Oil of Speed, Potion of Healing (2), Potion of Stone Form, Potion of Defense, 44gp

6Nadarin and the Basilisk
Part 1 | Part 2* | Part 3

Enter the warehouse AR1207. Kill the Basilisk. Collect the gem from its body to pay G'axir the Seer also in SE Baldur's Gate. Return to Nadarin in SE Baldur's Gate.
REWARD: 7000 exp, Bloodstone Amulet, Sphene Gem

Basilisk warehouse AR1207

Raid a crate, three barrels and three locked chests.
LOOT: Short Bow (2), Sling (2), Composite Long Bow, Heavy Crossbow, Light Crossbow, Arrows (30), Bullets (30), Bolts (30), Studded Leather Armor

7Cordyr and Sil
Part 1* | Part 2 | Part 3*

Enter the locked house AR1213. You can pickpocket Cordyr. Talk to him. He will not give you the sidequest if your reputation is greater than 14. He wants you to kill some Sirines in the Lighthouse area. Agree. You have probably already killed them. Talk to him again. Your reward depends on your reputation.
PICKPOCKET: [Flame Arrow]
REPUTATION 1-7: 1000 exp, Reputation +1, [Flame Arrow]
REPUTATION 8-20: [Haste]

Cordyr's house, 1st floor AR1213

Raid the barrel and shelf.
LOOT: Club, 1gp

_ _ _ 2nd floor AR1214

Raid one bookcase and the drawers.
LOOT: Potion of Healing, History of Shadowdale

Tavern AR1215


8Entillis Fulsom

Entillis will hail you. If your Reputation is less than 8 he will attack. Kill him.
REWARD: 2700 exp, serious loss of Reputation, Dagger, History of the Dead Three

9Eltan and the Iron Throne
Part 1 | Part 2* | Part 3

It is worth saving this quest until most of the others are complete. Enter the tower AR0616. Triadore will approach you. You can pay him 300gp to reveal what he knows but it's not really necessary. A Guard will also approach. If your NPC Reaction is 8-20 you can bribe him 100gp to prevent hostilities (also prevents the Merchants turning hostile) or just kill him. Go down to the basement AR0611 via the steps in the SE corner. Kill the Guard. Go to the second floor AR0612. You will be approached by Dra'tan. Tell him the truth and kill him and the other guards. Go to the third floor AR0613. You will be approached by a Guard. If you say you are from Cormyr he will attack. Otherwise so long as you have an NPC Reaction of 15-20 you can use any excuse (except of course Cormyr) and he will leave. Both Nortuary and Emissary Tar are here on business. Be helpful and don't kill them. Go to the fourth floor AR0614. Killing anyone here will result in serious loss of reputation. Destus Gurn will approach you and fill you in on who is upstairs if you play along with his mistaking of your identity. There are two merchants on this floor who, if you say you're looking for the leaders of the Iron Throne and that you're merchants from Cormyr, will summon three Guards who will attack. Before you go upstairs to the fifth floor AR0615 use whatever protective enhancing spells you have at hand. There is a large battle waiting up there. Try splitting your forces evenly to both staircases that go up to the fifth floor. Kill everyone: the false Emissary Tar, Aasim, Alai, Diyab, Naaman, Zhalimar Cloudwulfe and Gardush. Talk to Thaldorn and pressure him for information on the rest of the Iron Throne. You can refuse to let him go and kill him. Search the desk for two letters. Return to Duke Eltan in SW Baldur's Gate. As you leave the tower Caedmon will approach you and direct you to Eltan.
BATTLE: 12420 exp, Ring of Free Action, Wand of Lightning, Wand of the Heavens, Dagger, Long Sword, Throwing Daggers (40), Halberd +2, Mace +1, War Hammer +1, War Hammer, Composite Long Bow, Arrows (17), Bracers AC7, Helmet, Small Shield, Medium Shield, Plate Mail Armor (2), Studded Leather Armor, Leather Armor, Potion of Stone Giant Strength, Oil of Fiery Burning, Potion of Perception, Antidote, [Confusion], [Dimension Door], [Protection from Normal Missiles], [Know Alignment], [Protection from Undead], [Vocalize], [Dispel Magic], [Fireball], Scroll, 453gp
THALDORN: 975 exp, Short Sword +1, Studded Leather Armor +1, Potion of Agility

Iron Throne, basement AR0611

Raid two locked chests.
LOOT: Potion of Genius, Potion of Insulation, Cursed Antidote, Potion of Storm Giant Strength, [Protection from Cold], [Protection from Acid], 355gp

_ _ _ 4th floor AR0614

Raid the fourteen bookcases.
LOOT: History of the Chosen of Mystra (2), History of Shadowdale (6), History of Tethyr, History of the Bell in the Depths, [Hold], [Stinking Cloud], [Flame Arrow], History of the Elven, History of the North, [Know Alignment], [Shield], [Protection from Petrification]

_ _ _ 5th floor AR0615

Raid the desk.
LOOT: [Lightning Bolt], [Hold], Letter (2)

_ _ _ roof AR0621


10Varci Roaringhorn
Part 1 | Part 2* | Part 3

Enter the WaterQueen's House AR0609. If you have not been here before a Priestess will approach you. You can ask for Tenya, if you talked to her at Wyrm's Crossing, and demand Casson's body. However if you didn't complete her previous quest (by either returning the bowl or killing the fishermen) and your NPC Reaction is 1-14 she will attack. The other priestesses will not come to her aid if you fight her. If you never met Tenya ask to speak to Jalantha Mistmyr (which will cost you 50gp). She will demand a high price for the return of the body. If you did not help Tenya then consider killing Jalantha in the Lothander and Marek sidequest. Return to Varci in W Baldur's Gate.
TENYA: 650 exp, Flail, Bracers of Defense AC7
CHILD'S BODY: -2000gp

11Lothander and Marek
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3* | Part 4 | Part 5* | Part 6 | Part 7

Preferably you should have already completed the sidequest for Varci in W Baldur's Gate. Enter the Water-Queen's House AR0609. If Jalantha is not already here find the Priestess who can give you an audience with her. You will have to pay for the privilege. Talk to Jalantha and ask her help to remove Lothander's geas. She wants you to retrieve a book from the Temple of Tymora. Head to the Lady's House in West Baldur's Gate. Return once you have the Tome of Understanding. Tell Jalantha you must have the scroll before you will give her the book. When she asks for the book you can say you don't have it. She will attack. Kill her and then her Priestesses. Head to the Blade and Stars in SE Baldur's Gate.
OBTAINED: Geas Removal Scroll
JALANTHA: 6000 exp, Child's body, Flail, Leather Armor +1, Sphene Gem, 200gp

Locked house 1, 1st floor AR1205

Raid the locked chest.
LOOT: 2gp

_ _ _ 2nd floor AR1206

Raid the bedside table and chest.
LOOT: Club, Quarter Staff, 1gp

Locked house 2, 1st floor AR1203

Raid the barrel.
LOOT: 1gp

_ _ _ 2nd floor AR1204

Raid two bedside tables and the drawers.
LOOT: Dagger, Short Sword, 1gp

12Ogre Mage assassins

Enter the building AR1201. You will be attacked by five Ogre Mages. Kill them.
REWARD: 3250 exp, Bastard Sword (4), [Non-Detection], Garnet Gem (2), Skydrop Gem, Tchazar Gem, Black Opal, Laeral's Tear Necklace, Gold Necklace (2), Pearl Necklace, Bloodstone Amulet (2), 219gp

Ogre Mages' house, 1st floor AR1201

Raid two bookcases and two display tables.
LOOT: [Burning Hands], History of the Red Ravens, History of the North, 31gp

_ _ _ 2nd floor AR1202

Raid the desk.
LOOT: 29gp


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