SE Baldur's GateSE Baldur's Gate

Location code: AR1300
Non-respawning: (unique enemies)
Respawning: Flaming Fist Enforcers

N: E Baldur's Gate
E: -
S: -
W: Baldur's Gate Docks

All sewer grates lead to the E Sewers AR0226


Beware: traps!Reputation traps

If your Reputation is lower than 3 you will be attacked by groups of three Flaming Fist Enforcers, a Flaming Fist Scout and a Flaming Fist Battle Wizard. The Flaming Fist will attack suddenly both on the streets and in the Blade and Stars.
REWARD: 1550 exp, Flail (3), Composite Long Bow (2), Arrows, Arrows +1, Arrows of Dispelling, Helmet (3), Small Shield, Plate Mail Armor (3)

1Arkion, Nemphre and Ordulinian
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4* | Part 5 | Part 6* | Part 7

Enter the house AR0813. You can only talk to Nemphre with a male adventurer from your party. She wants you to retrieve an amulet from Arkion. Head to E Baldur's Gate. Return once you have the item. You can attack her afterwards without penalty. Ensure you collect her Onyx Ring and Arkion's Bloodstone Amulet from her body to give to Ordulinian in E Baldur's Gate.
AMULET REWARD: 1000 exp, [Vampiric Touch]
NEMPHRE: 1200 exp, Dagger, Robe of Electrical Resistance, Bloodstone Amulet, Onyx Ring

Nemphre's house, 1st floor AR0813

Raid the shelf.
LOOT: Cloak of Protection +1

_ _ _ 2nd floor AR0814

Raid the two bedside tables, the bookcases and cupboard.
LOOT: War Hammer, History of Sembia, Iol Gem, 18gp

General Store AR1320

Talk to the Storekeep. He sells potions.
Raid the sack and three shelves.
LOOT: Battle Axe, Morning Star, Bullets (20), Darts (20), Potion of Healing, Potion of Firebreath, 23gp

2Taxek and Michael

Enter the house AR1316. You will interrupt Taxek and Michael mid-burglary. You can let them go, act the policeman in which case they will attack, or say "You broke into...", "No easy way..." options 1, 2 and they will give you their gold before fleeing.
BATTLE: 1275 exp, Dagger, Short Sword, Light Crossbow +1, Long Bow, Bolts of Lightning (40), Arrows of Fire (24), Studded Leather Armor (2), Ziose Gem, Horn Coral Gem, Garnet Gem, Sphene Gem, 129gp

Taxek's burgled house, 1st floor AR1316


_ _ _ 2nd floor AR1317

Raid the cupboard and bookcase.
LOOT: Quarter Staff, Throwing Axes (4), History of Waterdeep

House 1, 1st floor AR1314

Raid the chest.
LOOT: Mace, 5gp

_ _ _ 2nd floor AR1315

Raid the locked chest.
LOOT: Short Sword, Leather Armor

Locked house 2, 1st floor AR1310

Raid the drawers and cupboard.
LOOT: Spear, Potion of Insight, 29gp

_ _ _ 2nd floor AR1311

Raid the locked drawers.
LOOT: Short Sword, 14gp

3Nadine and Euric
Part 1 | Part 2* | Part 3

Enter the Inn AR1306. Talk to Euric and give him the amulet. Return to Nadine in Central Baldur's Gate.
REWARD: 1100 exp

Inn, 1st floor AR1306

Raid the keg in the back room.
LOOT: Club

_ _ _ 2nd floor AR1307

Raid the locked drawers in Room 204 (clockwise from stairs).
LOOT: 23gp

Well-Adjusted Al's General Store AR1302

Talk to the Storekeep. He sells potions.
Raid the sack and three shelves.
LOOT: Daggers (3), Darts (30), Oil of Speed, Potion of Absorption

Warehouse AR1301

Raid the desk, two locked chests, two crates, two barrels and a keg.
LOOT: Throwing Axes (6), Long Sword (2), Mace (2), Medium Shield, Splint Mail, Leather Armor, Studded Leather Armor, Chainmail Armor, [Blur], 1gp

Locked house 3, 1st floor AR1304

Raid the two bookcases and the locked chest.
LOOT: Short Sword, History of the Elven, History of the Fateful Coin

_ _ _ 2nd floor AR1305

Raid the two bookcases and the drawers.
LOOT: Mace, History of the North (2), Potion of Healing

4Nadarin and the Basilisk
Part 1* | Part 2 | Part 3*

Enter the warehouse AR1303. Talk to Nadarin. You cannot get the quest if your NPC Reaction is 1-7. There is a Greater Basilisk loose at the Baldur's Gate Docks. Head to the Docks. Return to Nadarin once you have killed it.
NPC REACTION 15-20: 1300 exp, 1800 gp
NPC REACTION 1-14: 1300 exp, Boots of Stealth, 500gp

Nadarin's warehouse AR1303

Raid the locked chest and three barrels.
LOOT: Light Crossbows (3), Long Bow, Bolts (60), Arrows (30)

Locked house 4, 1st floor AR1308


_ _ _ 2nd floor AR1309

Raid the bedside table and the drawers.
LOOT: Dagger, 2gp


If you talk to Nikolai he offers a history of Baldur's Gate for 15gp.

5Narlen Darkwalk's tests
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4* | Part 5

Leave everyone except your designated thief where you entered. Send the thief to the Blade and Stars to meet Narlen. Follow him to Gantolandan's house. Enter the house AR1312 and go up to the 2nd floor AR1313. Raid the trapped drawers and steal the Rogue Stone. As you do so Gantolandan will ask who's there. Impersonate a cat, then when questioned again say you're a stray. If he wakes up you can kill him. Return to the Thieves' Guild in E Baldur's Gate with the stone.
GANTOLANDAN: 1200 exp, Long Sword +1, 64gp
LOOT: Rogue Stone

Gantolandan's house, 1st floor AR1312

Raid the locked chest and two bookcases.
LOOT: History of the Fateful Coin, History of the Ulgarth, 29gp

_ _ _ 2nd floor AR1313

Raid the two bookcases.
LOOT: History of the North, History of Waterdeep

6G'axir the Seer

Enter the Blade and Stars AR0105. Talk to G'axir. If you are less than Level 4 you cannot get his quest. He wants a Sphene Gem to tell you your fortune. If you don't have one then complete the Nadarin sidequest. Talk to him and he will read your fortune. There is nothing to steal on the 2nd AR0106 or 3rd floors AR0107.
REWARD: 1000 exp

7Lothander and Marek
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6* | Part 7

Enter the Blade and Stars AR0105. Go upstairs AR0106. Talk to Lothander and give him the scroll. He will give you his half of the antidote. The other half is with Marek in the Blushing Mermaid in NE Baldur's Gate.
REWARD: 1500 exp, Antidote


Enter the Blade and Stars AR0105. Talk to Elkart with Eldoth and Skie in your party and you can blackmail him for 1000gp. You can return to him every 24 hours a further seven times to collect the blackmail before he calls the Flaming Fist to attack you. Run unless you want to lose reputation points.
BONUS: 8000gp


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