NE Baldur's GateNE Baldur's Gate

Location code: AR0300
Non-respawning: Blink Dogs, Mustard Jelly, Ogre, (unique enemies)

N: -
E: -
S: E Baldur's Gate
W: N Baldur's Gate

All sewer grates lead to the E Sewers AR0226


Beware: traps!Reputation traps

If your Reputation is lower than 3 you will be attacked by groups of three Flaming Fist Enforcers, a Flaming Fist Scout and a Flaming Fist Battle Wizard. The Flaming Fist will attack suddenly both on the streets and in the Blushing Mermaid and the Splurging Sturgeon.
REWARD: 1550 exp, Flail (3), Composite Long Bow (2), Arrows, Arrows +1, Arrows of Dispelling, Helmet (3), Small Shield, Plate Mail Armor (3)

General scavenging from NE Baldur's Gate

S of the inner wall raid a sack, a barrel and crate; N of the inner wall: crate and barrel by Blushing Mermaid, crate N and barrel S of the Splurging Sturgeon, barrel against E wall, barrel against N wall, crate outside Ilmater's Shrine
LOOT: History of the Last Giants, History of Shadowdale, [Friends], Lynx Eye Gem, Gold Ring, 85gp

1Marek and Lothander
Part 1* | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7*

You will be hailed by Marek who will warn you not to investigate the Iron Throne. Head to the market in Central Baldur's Gate to find Lothander. Once you have Lothander's half of the antidote enter the Blushing Mermaid AR0114. Go up to the 2nd floor AR0115 and talk to Marek. He will attack. Kill him. Retrieve the second half of the antidote from his body and your party will be cured automatically.
REWARD: 10650 exp, Marek's potion of antidote, Eagle Bow, Dagger +2, Arrows (20), Potion of Freedom, Potion of Master Thievery, 201 gp


Enter the locked Counting House AR0307. Jacil will hail you then set his Blink Dogs on you. Kill them.
JACIL: 600 exp, Spear, Long Bow, Arrows +1, Helmet, Splint Mail, Potion of Healing

Counting House, 1st floor AR0307

Raid the display table, three bookcases and a table.
LOOT: Potion of Healing, History of the North, History of the Bell in the Depths, HIstory of the Drow, Lynx Eye Gem, 64gp

_ _ _ 2nd floor AR0308

Raid the four desks.
LOOT: Cursed Potion of Healing (2), Potion of Fire Resistance, [Chaos], [Protection from Lightning], 66gp

Store AR0304

Talk to the Storekeep. He sells some useful items.
Raid the keg, sack, barrel, counter and four shelves.
LOOT: Mace +1, Sling, Dagger, Arrows of Dispelling (4), Arrows of Biting (7), Potion of Invulnerability, Potion of Absorption, Potion of Hill Giant Strength, Potion of Mind Focusing, Potion of Healing, Andar Gem, Gold Ring, 17gp

House 1, 1st floor AR0305


_ _ _ 2nd floor AR0306


Locked house 2, 1st floor AR0302

Raid the barrel outside. The warded chest cannot be opened.
LOOT: 19gp

_ _ _ 2nd floor AR0303

Raid the bedside table, bathroom shelf, locked bedside table and locked chest.
LOOT: Halberd, Spear, Cloak of Protection +1, 22gp

3Larze the assassin

Enter the Blushing Mermaid AR0114. You will be approached by Larze. You can persuade him not to attack by saying "Wait one moment...", "Larze, my poor..." options 1, 2. Or just kill him.
PEACE: 900 exp
VIOLENCE: 2000 exp, Morning Star, Gauntlets of Weapon Skill, [Mirror Image], [Melf's Acid Arrow], Gold Ring, Flamedance Ring, Angel Skin Ring, 76gp

4Degrodel, Quenash and the trappings of Balduran
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3* | Part 4 | Part 5

Enter the Blushing Mermaid AR0114. Go through the back door to the NW of the Inn into the Undercellars to find Quenash.

Blushing Mermaid, 1st floor AR0114

Raid the locked chest.
LOOT: Dagger +1, Gold Ring, 350gp

5Brielbara and Yago
Part 1* | Part 2 | Part 3*

Talk to Brielbara. Her daughter has been cursed by Yago. She asks you to retrieve Yago's book of curses. If Coran is in the party and you refuse he will leave as he is the child's father. Head to the Low Lantern at the Baldur's Gate Docks. Return and enter the Splurging Sturgeon AR0103 to give the book to Brielbara. If you return and say you do not have the book and that you don't have the time to get it she will attack. You should run unless you want to lose Reputation.
REWARD: 1000 exp, Reputation +1, 200gp
BRIELBARA: 975 exp, serious loss of Reputation, Dagger, Adventurer's Robe, Gold Necklace

6Narlen Darkwalk's tests
Part 1 | Part 2* | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

Leave everyone except your designated thief where you entered. Send the thief to the Splurging Sturgeon to meet Narlen. Talk to him and he will take your thief to a house where they want you to act as lookout. A Flaming Fist will approach. You can yell out a warning to Narlen and get the whole party back to the Thieves' Guild in E Baldur's Gate in one piece. If you deliver no warning or inform the officer what is afoot Narlen will attack you back at the Thieves' Guild. If you kill the officer after giving a timely warning Narlen will give you a lesser reward.


Enter the Splurging Sturgeon AR0103. Talk to Lusselyn three times. He will wager 100gp you can't kill a Mustard Jelly upstairs. Agree to the wager. Go to the second floor AR0104. Kill the Mustard Jelly. Return to Lusselyn who having spent some of your winnings already can only give 160gp back.
PROFIT: 60gp

8Mr Shade

Whatever you do, do not talk to Mr Shade! He will steal the Golden Pantaloons from you! You can kill him without penalty, though the Commoner on the same floor will turn hostile.

Splurging Sturgeon, 2nd floor AR0104

Rooms numbered clockwise from immediately north of stairs.
Raid the four locked drawers in Rooms 203, 206, 207 and on the landing. The warded drawers in Room 204 cannot be opened.
LOOT: Dagger, Sling, Bullets (10), Bluestone Necklace, Silver Ring, 86gp


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