N Baldur's GateN Baldur's Gate

Location code: AR0200
Non-respawning: Ghasts, Hobgoblin Elite, Kobold Commandos, Mustard Jellies, (unique enemies)

N: -
E: NE Baldur's Gate
S: Central Baldur's Gate
W: NW Baldur's Gate

All sewer grates lead to the Central Sewers AR0225


Beware: traps!Reputation traps

If your Reputation is lower than 3 you will be attacked by groups of three Flaming Fist Enforcers, a Flaming Fist Scout and a Flaming Fist Battle Wizard. The Flaming Fist will attack suddenly both on the streets and in the Three Old Kegs.
REWARD: 1550 exp, Flail (3), Composite Long Bow (2), Arrows, Arrows +1, Arrows of Dispelling, Helmet (3), Small Shield, Plate Mail Armor (3)

Locked House 1, 1st floor AR0008


_ _ _ 2nd floor AR0009

Raid two bedside tables and the locked chest.
LOOT: Heavy Crossbow, Bolts (10), Bolts +1 (5), 17gp


Enter the house AR0006. Talk to Rinnie. She wants a copy of History of the Unicorn Run. There is one in Gullykin (if you didn't collect it), one in Varci's house in W Baldur's Gate and one on the 6th floor of Ramazith's tower. Return with it to Rinnie.
NPC REACTION 15-20: 900 exp, [Protection from Poison]
NPC REACTION 1-14: 400 exp, 80gp

Rinnie's house, 1st floor AR0006

Raid the two bookcases and the locked chest.
LOOT: History of Shadowdale (2), Ziose Gem, 4gp

_ _ _ 2nd floor AR0007

Raid the two bookcases and the locked drawers.
LOOT: Potion of Invisibility, History of Shadowdale (2), 24gp

2Petrine and Bheren

Talk to Petrine. Enter the house behind her AR0004. Talk to Bheren. You can pickpocket him. Go upstairs AR0005, you can either kill Petrine's cat for Bheren (evil) or raid the drawers for an Angel Skin Ring and return it to Petrine (good).
PETRINE: CAT DEAD: Reputation -1
BHEREN: CAT DEAD, REPUTATION 1-7: Cloak of Protection +1
BHEREN: CAT DEAD, REPUTATION 8-20: 400 exp, Reputation -1
PICKPOCKET BHEREN: Cloak of Protection +1

Bheren's house, 1st floor AR0004

Raid the two drawers and the locked cupboard.
LOOT: Bullets +1 (10), Cursed Oil of Speed, 11gp

_ _ _ 2nd floor AR0005

Raid the drawers. Return the ring to Petrine outside!
LOOT: Skydrop Gem, Angel Skin Ring, 8gp

Temple of Helm AR0002

Talk to the Priest of Helm. He provides typical clerical services.

3Jardak and Drelik

Enter Jardak's house AR0010. Drelik will approach and attack you. Kill him. Go upstairs AR0011. Jardak will also attack. Kill him.
REWARD: 4800 exp, Short Sword +1, Long Sword +1, Helm of Glory, Medium Shield, Plate Mail Armor, Potion of Frost Giant Strength, Potion of Genius, [Dire Charm], 134gp

Jardak's house, 1st floor AR0010

Raid the locked chest.
LOOT: Small Shield, 15gp

_ _ _ 2nd floor AR0011

Raid the locked chest.
LOOT: Throwing Dagger, 6gp

House 2, 1st floor AR0012

Raid the locked table.
LOOT: Dagger, 11gp

_ _ _ 2nd floor AR0013

Raid the three bedside tables, bookcase and locked cupboard.
LOOT: Potion of Stone Form, History of the Elven, Fire Agate Gem, Jade Ring, 20gp

House 3, 1st floor AR0014


_ _ _ 2nd floor AR0015

Raid the two bedside tables, bookcase and locked cupboard.
LOOT: Throwing Dagger, History of the North, Andar Gem, 41gp

4Ramazith and Ragefast
Part 1* | Part 2 | Part 3* | Part 4

Ramazith will approach you. He wants you to collect a Nymph from Ragefast in W Baldur's Gate. ACT 1 Enter Ramazith's locked house AR0137. Talk to him with a character with a decent number of Hit Points. If you have Abela then give her to him. He should give you some Bracers of Defense AC7 (but a scripting error prevents this - no doubt the next Baldurdash update will address this). Loiter in his foyer until he talks to you and then demand he release Abela. He will attack and flee to the top of his tower. Talk to the Nymph and free her. * If you do not have Abela he will attack and flee to the top of his tower. ACT 2 Go up to the 2nd floor AR0139. Kill the Mustard Jellies. Go up to the 3rd floor AR0140. Kill the Ghasts. Go up to the 4th floor AR0141. Kill the Hobgoblin Elite. Go up to the 5th floor AR0142. Kill the Kobold Commandos. Go up to the 6th floor AR0138. Kill Ramazith. Once he is dead you can either apologise to Abela in which case she will leave, or threaten her (you will suffer a severe reputation penalty). * Be sure to read the loot list below for his various treasures. Take the Nymph's hair to Halbazzer Drin in Sorcerious Sundries in E Baldur's Gate.
NYMPH: 2000 exp, Lock of Nymph's hair
THREATEN NYMPH: Reputation -5 *
RAMAZITH: 4000 exp, Amulet of Metaspell Influence, Ring of Protection +2, Quarter Staff, Knave's Robe

Ramazith's tower, 6th floor AR0138

Raid the eight bookcases and the locked desk.
LOOT: Wand of Paralyzation, Elixir of Health, Tome of Clear Thought, History of the Fateful Coin, History of the Unicorn Run, History of the Chosen of Mystra, History of the Dead Three, History of Shadowdale, History of the North, History of the Heartlands, [Blindness], [Invisibility], [Blur], [Mirror Image], [Protection from Magic], [Protection from Poison], [Cursed Scroll of Clumsiness], 395gp

House 4, 1st floor AR0016

Raid the two bookcases and the chest.
LOOT: Large Shield, History of Shadowdale (2), 3gp

_ _ _ 2nd floor AR0017

Raid the two bookcases.
LOOT: History of Waterdeep (2)

Locked house 5, 1st floor AR0018

Raid the locked drawers and the locked cupboard. The warded drawers cannot be opened.
LOOT: Leather Armor, Potion of Explosions, 30gp

_ _ _ 2nd floor AR0019

Raid the locked drawers.
LOOT: Rainbow Obsidian Necklace, 8gp

Locked house 6, 1st floor AR0020

Raid the two bookcases and locked chest.
LOOT: Small Shield +1, History of the Ulgarth, History of the Dragon Coast, 10gp

_ _ _ 2nd floor AR0021

Raid the two bookcases and the locked drawers.
LOOT: Mace, Potion of Heroism, History of Waterdeep (2), Jasper Gem

Part 1 | Part 2* | Part 3

Enter the Three Old Kegs AR0119. Go to the second floor AR0120. Search behind a painting for the Skull of Kereph. Head to the Lady's House in W Baldur's Gate.
LOOT: Skull of Kereph

6Areana and Cyrdemac
Part 1* | Part 2 | Part 3*

Enter the Three Kegs AR0119. Go up to the 3rd floor AR0121. Talk to the Noblewoman. She wants you to kill Cyrdemac. Agree to this for 2000gp. You can then charm her for a reward without doing the quest. Alternatively head to the Elfsong Tavern in E Baldur's Gate. Return once he is dead. She will only give you 500gp so blackmail her. If you return every two days for four trips in total she will give you another 500gp but your Reputation will decrease. However if you only return on the tenth day you will find she has hired an assassin called Tor Lobo. Kill him.
CHARMED: Bloodstone Gem, 500gp
BLACKMAIL: Reputation -4, 2000gp
TOR LOBO: 600 exp, Long Sword, Large Shield, Plate Mail Armor, 78gp

Three Old Kegs, AR0119

Bellamy will warn you about Phandalyn (who is in SW Baldur's Gate) if your Reputation is less than 15.
Nantrin Bellowglyn will not serve you if your NPC Reaction is 1-7.

_ _ _ 3rd floor AR0121

Raid the three bookcases and the two locked wardrobes.
LOOT: History of the Vast, History of the Dead Three, History of the North, History of the Red Ravens, Ziose Gem (209), Iol Gem, Bloodstone Ring, 150gp


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