Location code: AR4000
Next stop: Firewine Ruins (via Jenkal's house)
Non-respawning: (unique enemies)
Respawning: Ankhegs, Dire Wolves, Dread Wolves, Ghasts, Ghouls, Kobolds, Kobold Commandos, Skeletons, Wolves, Worgs, Xvarts
Sleep disturbed by: Kobolds
Waylaid by enemies: Mini-Guide

N: Mutamin's Garden (AR5600 - 20%)
E: -
S: Firewine Bridge (AR5600 - 20%)
W: Ulcaster (AR5600 - 20%)


1Molkar, Morvin, Drakar and Halacan the assassins

A tough encounter so use Bless, Chant and Remove Fear before attacking. You will be hailed by Molkar. They will then attack. Kill them.
REWARD: 3700 exp, War Hammer, Battle Axe, Morning Star +1, Long Sword +1, Helmet (3), Medium Shield (2), Splint Mail, Chainmail +2, Chainmail Armor, Potion of Absorption, Potion of Heroism, [Sleep], [Color Spray], 244gp

2Gandolar and the Ogre Mage
Part 1* | Part 2 | Part 3*

Talk to Gandolar. If you ask to be directed to the Ruins there is an option to pay 100gp for the right to stomp through the halfling houses to find the secret entrance. If your NPC Reaction is 15-20 you can bring this down to 50gp. Talk to him again. He will ask you to kill the Kobolds in the Firewine Ruins. He will tell you about a secret entrance into the dungeon through the Winery. Instead enter Jenkal's house, kill him then enter the Ruins and kill the Ogre Mage. Return to Gandolar. You can pickpocket him.
REWARD: 250 gp
PICKPOCKET: Elixir of Health

House 1, 1st floor AR4005

Raid one bookcase and one locked cupboard.
LOOT: History of the Vast, Sling +1, 10gp

_ _ _ basement AR4006

Raid one locked chest, two bookcases, two crates and one table. Keep the History of the Unicorn Run for Rinnie in N Baldur's Gate.
LOOT: Dagger, Sling, History of the Valley of the Gods, History of the Unicorn Run, Greenstone Ring, Agni Mani Necklace, 66gp

House 2, 1st floor AR4013

Raid one cupboard.
LOOT: 13gp

_ _ _ basement AR4014

Raid two bookcases, one table and one crate.
LOOT: History of the Moonsea, History of Shadowdale, Turquoise Gem, 8gp

House 3, 1st floor AR4007

Raid one bookcase and two cupboards.
LOOT: History of Shadowdale, Tiger Cowrie Shell Necklace, 11gp

_ _ _ basement AR4008

Raid two bookcases, one locked table, two crates and one locked chest. Take the History of the Darkness to the ghost of Ulcaster in Ulcaster.
LOOT: Sling, Potion of Defense, History of the Heartlands, History of the Darkness, [Cursed Scroll of Summon Monster], Bluestone Necklace, 47gp

House 4, 1st floor AR4009

Raid one bookcase and one cupboard.
LOOT: Short Sword, History of the North, 5gp

_ _ _ basement AR4010

Raid one locked chest, two bookcases and three crates.
LOOT: Wand of Magic Missiles, Sling, Dagger, History of the Dead Three, History of the North, Fire Agate Gem, Angel Skin Ring, 42gp

House 5, 1st floor AR4011

Raid one bookcase and two locked cupboards.
LOOT: Short Sword, Small Shield, Leather Armor, History of Shadowdale, 51gp

_ _ _ basement AR4012

Raid one locked chest, two bookcases, one table and one crate.
LOOT: Sling, Short Sword, History of Shadowdale (2), Chrysoberyl Gem, Jade Ring, 34gp


Enter the winery which doubles as the local Temple of Yondalla AR4003. Talk to Alvanhendar. He sells some useful items and clerical services. One of the secret entrances to the Firewine Ruins is in the basement of the winery AR4004 in the SW corner.


Enter Jenkal's home AR4001. Descend to the basement AR4002. Jenkal will stop you. Suggest his home smells of Kobolds. Kill him. There is a hidden door to the west of this room. Cast protective spells then go through it to the Firewine Ruins and prepare to catch an Ogre Mage off guard.
JENKAL: 290 exp, Short Sword, Helmet, Small Shield, Studded Leather Armor, 47gp

Jenkal's house, 1st floor AR4001

Raid one bookcase and one cupboard. Take the History of the Darkness to the ghost of Ulcaster in Ulcaster.
LOOT: History of the Darkness, 13gp

_ _ _ basement AR4002

Raid two bookcases, three crates and one locked chest.
LOOT: Dagger, Potion of Stone Form, History of the North, History of the Red Ravens, [Protection from Poison], Zircon Gem, Andar Gem, Silver Ring, 116gp


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