Location code: AR2600
Next stop: Lion's Way
Non-respawning: Rats, (unique enemies)

N: -
E: Lion's Way
S: -
W: -


If you are a novice player speak to the many green-robed tutors scattered throughout this area for advice.

Opening containers in private rooms or houses yields a high chance of detection by the local guard. You're only hope of avoiding a penalty is to escape before the guard initiates conversation. Attacking the guard is generally a bad move for non-evil or low-level characters as you will suffer loss of reputation, turn nearby onlookers hostile and you may end up dead. Once the guard is alerted don't return to the scene of your crime for 1 hour (5 mins in real time). In Candlekeep the repercussions are much less severe: carefully raid as much as you want then if a guard catches you tell them to get lost and run for the exit! Just don't get into a fight with them.

You begin outside the Candlekeep Inn.
AR2600 x 1110 y 600

1Buy weapons and armour

Visit Winthrop at the Candlekeep Inn AR2616 for supplies as you see fit. You may also want to visit the Temple of Oghma. Wait until you have completed every possible sidequest in Candlekeep and raided every possible cupboard for items to sell on, this will maximise your budget. Consider buying helmets as not all fighter type NPCs come equipped with them.

Candlekeep Inn, 1st floor AR2616

Raid the locked cupboard in the office and the shelves in the kitchen.
LOOT: [Armor], [Infravision], Dagger, 18gp

_ _ _ 2nd floor AR2617

Rooms numbered clockwise from immediately north of stairs.
Raid the locked drawers (Rooms 201), locked drawers (Rooms 204) locked drawers (Rooms 205), locked drawers (Rooms 206) and the drawers (Room 207). You will need a Halfling Thief with 19 Dexterity and all starting skills invested in Lock Picking to open the drawers in Room 201.
LOOT: Potion of Clarity, Star Sapphire, Flamedance Ring, Silver Necklace, 126gp

2Firebead's scroll of identify

Enter the Candlekeep Inn AR2616. Talk to Firebead Elvenhair. He asks you to collect a scroll from Tethtoril. Return the scroll to Firebead. Alternatively you could keep it. If you talk to Firebead 30 times he will give you some gold.
REWARD: 50 exp, Potion of Healing, he also casts Protection from Evil on you
OR: [Identify]

3Phlydia's History of Halruaa

Talk to Phlydia. Offer to find her missing book. Head east until you find Dreppin. Talk to him. He will tell you her book is in the haystack behind him x 3249 y 286. Take the book back to Phlydia. If your NPC Reaction is favourable she will give you a gem as a reward.
PICKPOCKET: Gold Necklace, Lynx Eye Gem
NPC REACTION 8-20: 50 exp, Lynx Eye Gem
NPC REACTION 1-7: 50 exp

4Shank the assassin

Enter the Priest's Quarters AR2602. Shank will attack. Kill him. You will be approached by Parda, a concerned monk, after the battle.
REWARD: 20 exp, Dagger

Priest's Quarters AR2602

Raid the table, locked chest and stack of crates.
LOOT: Warhammer, Dagger, 8gp

5Dreppin and Nessa the cow

Talk to Dreppin. He may mention Phlydia's missing book if that sidequest is not complete. He needs some antidote for his cow. Go to the Barracks, the antidote is inside a chest in the NE corner. See Hull sidequest. Once you have the antidote return it to Dreppin.
REWARD: 50 exp

6Temple of Oghma

Talk to the Priest of Oghma. He offers typical clerical services.

7Jondalar and Erik

Talk to Jondalar. He will start combat with you. His companion Erik will try to hit you with arrows. Their attacks don't hurt. It serves only to show you how to attack people.

8Reevor's rats

Talk to Reevor outside the Storehouse AR2606. He wants you to kill rats. Go inside and kill the rats. Talk to Reevor again outside.
REWARD: 50 exp, 5gp

Storehouse AR2606

Raid the NW barrel.
LOOT: Silver Ring

9Hull's long sword

Talk to Hull. He has forgotten his sword. Go to the Barracks. Inside AR2618 to the NE is a chest. Take Hull's Long Sword and the Antidote (which is for Dreppin). Return the sword to Hull.
NPC REACTION 15-20: 50 exp, 20gp
NPC REACTION 1-14: 50 exp, 10gp

10Combat training

Talk to the Gatewarden for painless six party member combat practice before you meet real monsters. Head to the Cellars. The Gatewarden will wait outside the building for you until you have spoken to him again. Inside AR2643 you will be hailed by Obe who will summon monsters for you and a party of five NPCs (Arkanis, Mordaine, Osprey, Deder and Canderous) to fight with. You will only get experience for Gibberlings and Kobolds.
REWARD: 48 exp, 21gp


Enter the infirmary AR2605 and speak to the Priest of Oghma. Tell him you need healing. He will give you a potion.
PICKPOCKET: Potion of Healing
GIFT: Potion of Healing

Infirmary AR2605

Raid the locked desk.
LOOT: Potion of Healing

12Carbos the assassin

Enter the Bunkhouse AR2607. Carbos will attack. Kill him. You will be approached by Karan, a concerned monk, after the battle.
REWARD: 20 exp, Dagger

Bunkhouse AR2607

Raid the trunk outside.
LOOT: 15gp

13Fuller's bolts

Enter the Barracks AR2618 and talk to Fuller. Ask him what errands you could do. Leave and buy some bolts from Winthrop at the Candlekeep Inn. Return to the Barracks to give the bolts to Fuller. Also inside the Barracks to the NE is a chest. Take Hull's Long Sword (return it to Hull) and the Antidote (which is for Dreppin).
NPC REACTION 15-20: 50 exp, Dagger +1
NPC REACTION 1-14: 50 exp, 10gp

Barracks AR2618

Raid the four locked chests inside to the W and the barrel outside.
LOOT: Dagger (2), Long Sword (2), War Hammer, Battle Axe, Mace, 8gp

14Talk to Gorion

Once you speak to Gorion you essentially have two options: say you are ready to leave and Chapter 1 will begin, or say you're not ready (useful if you have sidequests still to do or items to buy). You can always come back if you say you are not ready. Once you leave you cannot return until Chapter 5.


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