Lion's WayLion's Way

Location code: AR2700
Next stop: Coast Way (East)
Respawning: Black Bears, Diseased Gibberlings, Wolves
Sleep disturbed by: Diseased Gibberlings
Waylaid by enemies: Mini-Guide

N: Coast Way (AR6100 - 5%)
E: Coast Way (AR6100 - 5%)
S: High Hedge (AR5900 - 20%)
W: Candlekeep



Imoen, a Neutral Good Human Thief, will hail you at the start of this Chapter. You can either recruit her or dismiss her. Always recruit when a new NPC comes along, dismissing someone who won't be offended in their place such as Imoen. Review the new NPC and if they are not worth keeping, strip them of their equipment and ask the rejected NPC to rejoin.
RECRUITED: Wand of Magic Missiles OR Short Sword, Arrow (40), Short Bow, Oil of Speed, Potion of Healing (3), 2gp

2Gorion's items

Collect the several items dropped by Gorion and the monsters he killed. If you want to collect them without combat use Imoen or another thief to sneak past any monsters.
LOOT: Gorion's Scroll, Dagger, Morning Star (2), Random Treasures (2), 58gp

3Xzar and Montaron

Talk to this Chaotic Evil Human Necromancer and Neutral Evil Halfling Fighter / Thief. You can recruit them or dismiss them. Xzar will offer you a potion as a gesture of goodwill. Accept it. If you do not want them, strip them of their possessions then dismiss them. If you dismiss one the other will leave too. If you have never recruited them before Chapter 3 they will have leave the area for good. There is a good chance that they will battle Khalid and Jaheira if they are in the party.
RECRUITED: Dagger, Short Sword, Studded Leather Armor, Potion of Healing (2), Oil of Speed, [Larloch's Minor Drain], [Chill Touch], 10gp


Use the exact location x 4418 y 1957 to find a diamond hidden inside a tree trunk.
BONUS: Diamond

Party strategy

Now is the time to plan ahead. If you already know which NPC's you want in your group now is the time to go off and get them BEFORE you fight any monsters! Ideally you want to collect as many of your six companions as you can before you reach Level 2, thus you can shape their development from the earliest possible stage. To complete the time urgent quest for Minsc and Dynahier use a thief to sneak into the Gnoll Stronghold and give Dynaheir an Oil of Speed. Sneak back out then have her race out so that you can flee the map when she arrives. You can avoid most battles by hugging the edge of each map and running if attacked. Once you have your companions together come back to Lion's Way to start killing monsters.

The Constitution swindle

In another Area is a Manual of Bodily Health that permanently increases your Constitution. Only fighters will benefit from a Constitution higher than 16. To gain the most from this book you want to grab it before you reach Level 2. This is a challenge for a Level 1 character so requires some planning. If you are not a thief then recruit Imoen. Head east to the Coast Way. Avoid all combat. Run south to Beregost. Run west to High Hedge. Run south to Red Canyons. Run west to Lighthouse. Rest until night - darkness is your friend. If your best thief is not strong, dump everything except the Oil of Speed. The Tome is very heavy. Using stealth head to the NW corner x 430 y 887. Save where you can hide out of view of monsters. Staying in stealth mode sneak past the Sirines into Black Alaric's cave. If at any point you are in trouble drink an Oil of Speed and run, make sure the effects are still working when you exit the cave. The cave is trapped and contains lethal golems. It may take a few attempts but you should be able to disarm the traps, sneak about and raid the pool to the north. Two hits from the golems will probably kill her. Once you have secured the book return quickly to rejoin your party.

Killing Drizzt

It's thoroughly evil but a popular way of gaining some awesome weapons. You should plan ahead for this encounter. The higher your reputation the more you stand to lose if you kill Drizzt. There are two considerations before you can make the attempt: invisibility or reliable stealth and the Animate Dead spell (requires Cleric Level 5). You should also minimise your reputation loss by keeping your reputation at 14 before the encounter. You may need to avoid side quests which boost it until Drizzt is dead, after which you can mop up all those repuation-boosting quests in rapid succession. Bewarned that if you have a Paladin, your reputation must not become deplorably evil as you will lose your special abilities. See Fisherman's Lake for more details.

Fergus' Angel Skin Ring

When you eventually reach Baldur's Gate you will need an Angel Skin Ring to complete Fergus' sidequest. Be on the lookout for one and keep it with your party until the alotted time.


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