High HedgeHigh Hedge

Location code: AR3200
Next stop: South Beregost Road (South from Beregost)
Non-respawning: Gnoll, Gnoll Slasher, Gnoll Veteran
Respawning: Black Bears, Brown Bears, Cave Bears, Flinds, Ghasts, Ghouls, Giant Spiders, Gnolls, Gnoll Elite, Gnoll Slashers, Gnoll Veterans, Huge Spiders, Skeletons, Wild Dogs, Wolves
Sleep disturbed by: Ghasts, Skeletons
Waylaid by enemies: Mini-Guide

N: Lion's Way (AR5900 - 20%)
E: Beregost
S: Red Canyons (AR5900 - 20%)
W: Shipwreck's Coast (AR5900 - 20%)



Talk to this Chaotic Good Elven Ranger. You cannot get him to join if your NPC Reaction is 1-7. He is hunting bandits. You can recruit him or dismiss him. There is a good chance that he will battle Viconia if they are both in the party.
RECRUITED: Spear, Short Bow, Arrows (20), Studded Leather Armor, 3gp

2Perdue's short sword
Part 1 | Part 2* | Part 3

Kill the Gnolls and retrieve Perdue's sword. Return it to him at the Red Sheaf in Beregost.

3Thalantyr and Melicamp
Part 1 | Part 2*

Enter High Hedge AR3202 and quickly talk to Thalantyr, this will stand down his otherwise hostile golems. He sells some useful items. He will need persuading that you want to trade with him so talk to him twice. If you have rescued Melicamp from Red Canyons ensure you have taken a skull from a skeleton outside (kill it first!). Talk to Thalantyr and again if you already have the skull. Save the game in case his spell goes awry. A strong party can attack his Flesh Golems for experience, however, doing so will provoke Thalantyr to defend his creations, which in turn means you will no longer be able to buy his goods. *
SAVED MELICAMP: 2000 exp, Reputation +1
KILL GOLEMS: 4000 exp

KILL THALANTYR: 3000 exp, Quarter Staff, Adventurer's Robe, Potion of Mind Focusing, Potion of Fire Resistance *

4Spider house

Watch out for a Huge or Giant Spider here. Enter the house AR3201. Raid the locked trunk.
LOOT: Aquamarine Gem


* items and/or changes are only available if you have installed the DudleyFixes.


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