Location code: AR2900
Next stop: Peldvale (North)
Non-respawning: Bandits, Cave Bears, (unique enemies)
Respawning: Bandits, Black Bears, Black Talon Elite, Brown Bears, Dire Wolves, Dread Wolves, Gibberlings, War Dogs, Wild Dogs, Wolves, Worgs
Sleep disturbed by: Bandits
Waylaid by enemies: Mini-Guide

N: Peldvale (AR5900 - 20%)
E: Spider Wood (AR5900 - 20%)
S: Temple (AR5900 - 20%)
W: Coast Way [Chapter 3] (AR5900 - 20%)



Teven will approach you. You can kill his bandits with impunity before he initiates dialogue. Ensure a character with strength greater than 14 talks to him first. You can ask to join his group. He will ask why you are interested. You can say "It's a bloodthirsty job..." (STR must be 15+), in which case he will recruit you, or say "You're too good..." in which case he will take you prisoner. Either way you will be taken to the Bandit Camp. If you choose to goad him into conflict instead you will have to kill him.
REWARD: 975 exp, Long Sword, Medium Shield, Splint Mail, 45gp

2Osmadi and Corsone

Osmadi will mistake you for bandits and attack. Kill him. Talk to Corsone. You can pressure him into revealing that he poisoned Osmadi - dialogue options 1, 2, 2, 2. He will attack. Kill him.
OSMADI: 1000 exp, Quarter Staff, Leather Armor, 12gp
CORSONE: 1000 exp, Quarter Staff, Leather Armor, 12gp


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