Location code: AR3400
Next stop: Ulcaster (South)
Non-respawning: Dread Wolves, Hobgoblins, Vampiric Wolves (require magic weapons to harm them), Worgs
Respawning: Black Bears, Brown Bears, Dread Wolves, Hobgoblins, War Dogs, Wild Dogs, Wolves
Sleep disturbed by: Gnoll Slashers, Wild Dogs, Worgs
Waylaid by enemies: Mini-Guide

N: Larswood (AR5900 - 20%)
E: Mutamin's Garden (AR5600 - 20%)
S: Ulcaster (AR5600 - 20%)
W: Beregost


1Bassilus and Kelddath
Part 1* | Part 2 | Part 3*

Enter the Song of the Morning AR3402 and speak to Kelddath Ormlyr. He will ask you to bring back Bassilus' symbol which can be found in Red Canyons. He sells some useful items. He also buys Wyvern Heads. You can pickpocket Kelddath and his Sirines. The building adjacent is the Vestibule AR3401. It contains nothing of interest.
PICKPOCKET KELDDATH: Potion of Healing, Elixir of Health
BASSILUS: 1000 exp, 5000gp

2Cattack the Hobgoblin

Cattack and his group of Hobgoblins will accost you. He demands your money. You can pay up or kill them all.
CATTACK: 120 exp, Two Handed Sword, Helmet, Studded Leather Armor, Lynx Eye Gem, 34gp

3Coran and the Wyverns
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3*

Enter the Song of the Morning AR3402 and speak to Kelddath Ormlyr. He will reward you for returning with a Wyvern Head.
REWARD: 2000gp


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