Bear RiverBear River

Location code: AR4600
Next stop: Gnoll Stronghold (South)
Non-respawning: Brown Bear, Hobgoblins, Hobgoblin Elite, Mountain Bear, Ogre, Ogre Beserkers, (unique enemy)
Respawning: Black Bears, Brown Bears, Cave Bears, Gibberlings, Hobgoblins, Hobgoblin Elite, Ogres, Ogre Beserkers, Ogrillons, Wild Dogs, War Dogs
Sleep disturbed by: Ogres, Ogre Beserkers
Waylaid by enemies: Mini-Guide

N: -
E: Xvart Village (AR5701 - 30%)
S: Gnoll Stronghold (AR5700 - 50%)
W: -



Talk to Neville. You can ask that his men come out of hiding and his troupe will attack, or demand all his gold in which case he steals 55gp and leaves.
SCUPPER: 600 exp, Long Sword + 1, Chainmail Armor, Bandit Scalp, [Dispel Magic], 65gp
DEMAND: 100 exp, -55gp

2Ogre's barbecue

Talk to the Ogre. He is not interested in fighting. If you want assistance you can tackle Laurel's quest first but do not talk to her once you have helped her. If she sees the Ogre (once he turns hostile) she will attack him. However if she kills him then you will not gain the experience. Talk to him again and he will attack. Kill him.
REWARD: 270 exp, Morning Star, Random Treasure

3Laurel and the gibberlings

Talk to Laurel. If your Reputation is less than 8 she will attack you. Otherwise she asks for your help to kill some Gibberlings. Agree. Kill the Gibberlings that arrive. Once they are all dead talk to her again.
LAUREL: 60 exp, Bastard Sword, Medium Shield, Plate Mail Armor

4Jared and the Mountain Bear

Jared will approach you. He is running scared of a bear over the bridge west of his location. Kill the bear. Return and talk to Jared.
BEAR: 900 exp
NPC REACTION 15-20: 150 exp, Boots of the North
NPC REACTION 8-14: 150 exp, 50gp
NPC REACTION 1-7: 100 exp


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