Gnoll StrongholdGnoll Stronghold

Location code: AR5100
Next stop: Nashkel Mines (South from Nashkel Carnival)
Non-respawning: Carrion Crawler, Gnolls, Gnoll Chieftain, Gnoll Veteran, Half-Ogres, Xvarts
Respawning: Gnolls, Gnoll Elite, Gnoll Slashers, Gnoll Veterans, Xvarts
Sleep disturbed by: Gnoll Slashers, Xvarts
Waylaid by enemies: Mini-Guide

N: Bear River (AR5701 - 15%)
E: Dryad Falls (AR5701 - 30%)
S: -
W: -


1Gnarl and Hairtooth

These two Half-Ogres will stop you. They demand money for your passage over the bridge. You can haggle them down to 100gp or kill them.
HAGGLE: 250 exp, -100gp
MURDER: 350 exp, Gauntlets of Dexterity, Bastard Sword, Potion of Cold Resistance, Potion of Hill Giant Strength, Iol Gem, 87gp

2Xvart Cave

There is a bug with this cave AR5101 which reverses the direction your party faces when you go through the entrance. To counter this you could reverse the formation of your party, putting the weakest characters at the front. When you enter the cave they will be protected by the fighters. Kill the Xvarts.

3Tome of Leadership and Influence

Enter the cave AR5102. Kill the Xvarts. Raid the crate.
LOOT: Tome of Leadership and Influence, Potion of Healing (3), [Larloch's Minor Drain], [Magic Missile], 95gp

4Carrion Crawler cave

Enter the cave AR5103. Kill the Xvarts and Carrion Crawler.


Talk to this Lawful Good Human Invoker. If Minsc is in the group he will be pleased. You can recruit her or dismiss her. If you dismiss her or Minsc the other will leave too. If Edwin is in the group you will probably want to kill her. Once you have done so you can insist Edwin delivers on his promised payment but if you do he will leave. There is a good chance that Dynaheir will battle Edwin if they are both in the party.
RECRUITED: 800 exp


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