Dryad FallsDryad Falls

Location code: AR5200
Next stop: Fisherman's Lake (East from Xvart Village)
Non-respawning: Dire Wolves, Gnolls, (unique enemies)
Respawning: Brown Bears, Cave Bears, Dire Wolves, Dread Wolves, Gnolls, Winter Wolves, Wolves, Xvarts
Sleep disturbed by: Flinds, Gnoll Elite
Waylaid by enemies: Mini-Guide

N: Xvart Village (AR5701 - 20%)
E: Fire Leaf Forest (AR5701 - 30%)
S: Fire Leaf Forest (AR5701 - 30%)
W: Gnoll Stronghold (AR5701 - 30%)


1The Dryad, Krumm and Caldo

A Dryad will approach you to help save her tree. You can either agree immediately, ask for a payment first then agree, or insist you won't help without payment. Either way head to the tree where you will find two thugs. Talk to Caldo. You can either side with them against the Dryad or kill them. If you kill the thugs talk to the Dryad again.
KILL THUGS: 350 exp, Girdle of Bluntness, Flail, Club, Medium Shield, Studded Leather Armor (2), Potion of Healing, 63gp
ACTED IMMEDIATELY: 500 exp, Reputation +1, Antidote
WANTED PAYMENT: 500 exp, Reputation +1, Potion of Healing
INSISTED PAYMENT: 300 exp, 20gp
KILL DRYAD: 975 exp, serious loss of reputation, Dagger, Antidote, Potion of Healing

2Gnoll Toll

A group of Gnolls will demand payment for tresspass. You can pay the toll, provoke them in which case they will attack, or say you have no money in which case the leader Ludrug will challenge your strongest fighter to a fight.
TOLL: -50gp
BATTLE: 140 exp, Halberd (4), Random Treasure (4), 100gp


Ingot will approach you and warn of the Gnoll Stronghold. You can accept his advice or reject it immediately in which case he will attack.
REWARD: 235 exp, Halberd, Random Treasure (4)

4Drienne's cat

Talk to Drienne. She has lost her cat. Collect the cat from the foot of the waterfall. Return it to her.
NPC REACTION 15-20: 200 exp, Reputation +1, [Protection from Undead]
NPC REACTION 8-14: 200 exp, 23gp
NPC REACTION 1-7: nothing!

5Treasure cave

Enter the cave AR5202. Kill the Dire Wolf. Raid the chest.
LOOT: Halberd +1, Tiger Cowrie Shell Necklace, 238gp


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