Nashkel MinesNashkel Mines

Location code: AR5400
Next stop: Gibberling Mountains (East)
Non-respawning: War Dogs
Respawning: Cave Bears, Ghasts, Ghouls, Gibberlings, Kobolds, Winter Wolves, Wolves, Xvarts
Sleep disturbed by: Kobolds, Winter Wolves
Waylaid by enemies: Mini-Guide

N: Nashkel Carnival (AR5900 - 20%)
E: Gibberling Mountains (AR5700 - 20%)
S: -
W: Fire Leaf Forest (AR5700 - 20%)


1Wand of Frost

Use the exact location x 166 y 177 to find a wand hidden in a hole in a tree.
BONUS: Wand of Frost

2Store Cabin

Enter the cabin AR5406. Kill the War Dogs. Raid the two barrels.
LOOT: Potion of Healing, 33gp

3Oublek and Prism
Part 1 | Part 2* | Part 3

Talk to Prism the sculptor. You can either tell him you will defend him when the bounty hunter Greywolf arrives, or kill him yourself, or let Greywolf kill him. If you choose to face Greywolf you will have to kill him, then talk to Prism who will die shortly after. Collect his emeralds. Return to Oublek in Nashkel.
KILL GREYWOLF: 2400 exp, Reputation +1, Long Sword + 2, Studded Leather Armor, Emerald (2), 104gp
KILL PRISM: 35 exp, Emerald (2), 2gp


Galtok is on the run from some Kobolds. Kill them.

5The Mines

If you are following the guide strictly, complete the other side quests, journey to Gibberling Mountains, follow the "Next stop" destinations until you are directed to return to the Mines. Once you are ready to enter the mines talk to Emerson. Then talk to one of the Amnish soldiers guarding the mine entrance. They will move to let you pass. Enter Nashkel Mines Level 1.


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