Nashkel Nashkel

Location code: AR4800
Next stop: Nashkel Carnival (East)
Non-respawning: (unique enemy)
Waylaid by enemies: Mini-Guide

N: North Nashkel Road
E: Nashkel Carnival
   Nashkel Mines (AR5701 - 25%)
S: Fire Leaf Forest (AR5700 - 20%)
   Nashkel Mines (AR5700 - 20%)
W: Xvart Village (AR5701 - 50%)


Chapter 2 begins.

Beware: traps!Reputation traps

If your Reputation is lower than 4 you will be attacked by Bounty Hunters. Depending on your NPC Reaction you may be able to pay your way out of a fight.
NPC REACTION 15-20: -3000gp
NPC REACTION 8-14: -8000gp
BATTLE: 65 exp, Long Sword, Composite Long Bow, Arrows, Leather Armor


Cross the bridge and you will be approached by Bardolan. Reassure him of your good intent and he will leave.

2Neira the assassin

Enter the Nashkel Inn AR4801. You be approached by Neira who will subsequently attack. Kill her.
REWARD: 650 exp, Club, Helm of Infravision, Medium Shield, Splint Mail, Scroll

Nashkel Inn AR4801

Raid two locked bedside cabinets and three locked drawers.
LOOT: 33gp

3Nashkel Store

Enter the store AR4803. Talk to the Storekeep. He sells some useful items. He will also buy Winter Wolf pelts.

4Berrun Ghastkill

You will be approached by the mayor. He will ask you to investigate the Nashkel Mines. To go direct head east to the Nashkel Carnival then south to the Nashkel Mines.
PICKPOCKET: Long Bow, Potion of Healing

5Nalin and Captain Brage
Part 1* | Part 2 | Part 3*

Enter the temple AR4802. Talk to Nalin. He will mention that Captain Brage should be brought back to the temple for salvation. Head to the Archaeological Site. Once there if you choose to convince Brage to surrender you will reappear at the temple. The temple offers typical clerical services.
BRAGE: 1000 exp, Reputation +1, Cursed Two Handed Sword of Berserking +3, Potion of Stone Giant Strength, 1000gp

6Oublek and Prism
Part 1* | Part 2 | Part 3*

Talk to Oublek. If there is at least one male in your party he will mistake them for a mercenary called Greywolf. He offers you a reward of 200gp. You can accept it or correct his assumption. Oublek is also a source of new quests originating from this area. He will update you if you talk to him. Oublek's bounties are (i) Captain Brage who can be found at the Archaeological Site, and (ii) a sculptor called Prism who can be found at the Nashkel Mines. Return with Prism's emeralds. You can either give them to Oublek, or give him one (ensure the second one is on the floor) and sell the other, or sell both of them elsewhere for 750gp each. If you were dishonest you must speak to him twice (the first time he will dismiss you), the second time he will give you a reward if you have either Brage or an emerald. You can only claim one reward if you were dishonest, both of which have the same value.
HONEST: Reputation +1
BRAGE (if you were honest): 500 exp, 250gp
PRISM: 200 exp, 300gp
BRAGE or PRISM (if you were dishonest): 500 exp, 150gp

7Daer'Ragh's phoenix guards

If you feel like a challenge use the exact location x 2923 y 1284 to click on the grave inscribed "Mark D...". Keep clicking on it until the resident appears and summons some Phoenix Guards to kill you. The guards have to be killed twice and explode in a fireball on the second occasion. If you do not lead the exploding enemies away from the villagers first they will also turn hostile. Protection from fire is recommended. Daer'Ragh is difficult to kill owing to the fact that he disappears immediately after summoning the guards.
DAER'RAGH: 100 exp
PHOENIX GUARD: 100 exp each

8Minsc and Boo

If you are feeling good talk to this Neutral Good Human Ranger. If your NPC Reaction is less than 8 you cannot recruit him. Evil minded people should talk to Edwin instead. Minsc's companion Dynaheir has been kidnapped by Gnolls. Agree to rescue her and Minsc will join the group. If you turn him down flat he will attack. Minsc will also attack you if you take too long (more than 10 days) or if he becomes unhappy. Edwin can join the group after the rescue but the relationship will be tempestuous. There is a good chance that Minsc will battle Edwin if they are both in the party. Follow the preferred destination indicator above, completing sidequests as you go and you should be OK. To go direct head west to the Xvart Village, then west to Bear River then south to the Gnoll Stronghold.
RECRUITED: Two Handed Sword, Leather Armor, 2gp

Garrison AR4810

Raid five locked chests. The warded chest is empty.
LOOT: Short Sword +1, Dagger, Throwing Daggers (3), Potion of Agility, 23gp

9Jamie and Samantha

If you enter the Manor House don't talk to Samantha on the 2nd floor AR4805. If you say "We're adventurers...", "What's your name...", "You're a very pretty woman" she will realise you are a thief and summon Jamie to attack you. Kill him. The innocents turn hostile so it's not really worth it.
KILL: 65 exp

Locked Manor House, 1st floor AR4804

Raid six bookcases and the locked cabinet.
LOOT: History of the Chosen of Mystra, History of the Bell in the Depths, History of Tethyr, History of Shadowdale (2), [Magic Missile], [Chill Touch], [Shield], 35gp

_ _ _ 2nd floor AR4805

Raid nine bookcases and the locked writing table on the landing, and the drawers and locked drawers in the lady's bedroom.
LOOT: History of the Last Giants, History of the Moonsea, History of the North (7), History of Shadowdale, Potion of Invisibility, Cursed Potion of Healing, 62gp

10Joseph's greenstone ring
Part 1* | Part 2 | Part 3

Enter the house AR4806. Talk to the Commoner. Ask about the mines and she will ask you to find out about her husband Joseph. His wedding ring is his distinctive feature. Head to the Nashkel Mines. Descend to Level 3 AR5403 to collect the ring.

Joseph's house AR4806

Raid two locked chests and the crate outside. If you threaten to rob the woman you will lose one Reputation point.
LOOT: Battle Axe, 9gp


Enter the Belching Dragon tavern AR4809. You can pickpocket Volo for a gem.
PICKPOCKET: Aquamarine Gem


If you are feeling evil talk to this Lawful Evil Human Conjurer. Good minded people should talk to Minsc instead. Edwin wants to kill Dynaheir. Agree and Edwin will join the group. Refuse him and he will leave the area. Edwin will leave if you take too long (more than 10 days) or if you side with Dynaheir against him. You can recruit him or dismiss him. There is a good chance that Dynaheir or Minsc will battle Edwin if they are in the party. To go direct head west to the Xvart Village, then west to Bear River then south to the Gnoll Stronghold.
RECRUITED: Quarter Staff, Edwin's amulet (cannot be removed)


You will be approached by Noober. Resist the urge to kill him despite his irritating comments. After he has spoken to you many times he will leave. You can also use him for target practice without penalty.
PATIENCE: 400 exp
MURDER: 15 exp

Locked house 1 AR4807

Raid the locked trunk.
LOOT: Silver Ring, 4gp

14Ankheg Plate Mail

Use the exact location x 187 y 2742 to find some armour hidden in a field by an evergreen tree.
BONUS: Ankheg Plate Mail +2, Pearl

Locked house 2 AR4808

Raid two locked chests, the locked drawers and the crate outside.
LOOT: Battle Axe, Dagger, Throwing Axe, Chainmail Armor, 26gp


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