Gibberling MountainsGibberling Mountains

Location code: AR5500
Next stop: Dryad Falls (East from Gnoll Stronghold)
Non-respawning: Gibberlings
Respawning: Cave Bears, Dire Wolves, Dread Wolves, Gibberlings, War Dogs, Wild Dogs, Winter Wolves
Sleep disturbed by: Gibberlings
Waylaid by enemies: Mini-Guide

N: Valley of the Tombs (AR5700 - 20%)
E: -
S: -
W: Nashkel Mines (AR5700 - 20%)



Talk to Hafiz. Tell him your name, then your story. If you are evil, you can tell him your name, then state you want to be the survivor of his dreams and he will attack.
REWARD: [Protection from Magic]
KILL HAFIZ: Short Sword, [Protection from Magic], [Color Spray], 67gp

2Gellana and Samuel
Part 1* | Part 2

Talk to Lena. She wants you to take the injured Samuel to Gellana at the Friendly Arm Inn. You should either bargain her ring from her or refuse. If you agree you have three days to get Samuel to Gellana otherwise he will die. If you refuse you should consider the evil option in the Flaming Fist Mercenary side quest. You can cast Charm Person on her (she turns hostile afterwards though) and she will give you 4gp.

3Flaming Fist Mercenary

A Flaming Fist Mercenary will approach you. He is looking for Samuel. If you have spoken to Lena and collected his body you can turn him in or lie and say you haven't seen him. If you give him a reason to suspect you he will attack.
TURN IN: 50gp
BATTLE: 15 exp, Long Sword, Helmet, Small Shield, Plate Mail Armor

4Ring of Fire Resistance

Use the exact location x 1956 y 2374 to find a ring hidden in a crack in the cliffs.
BONUS: Ring of Fire Resistance, Star Sapphire, Iol Gem


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