Nashkel Mines Level 4Nashkel Mines Level 4

Location code: AR5404
Next stop: Valley of the Tombs
Non-respawning: Ghoul, Gray Oozes, Kobolds, Kobold Commando, Skeletons, (unique enemy)
Sleep disturbed by: Kobolds


1Mulahey's cave

Enter the cave AR5405. You can rest here safely once Mulahey and his minions have been killed.


Talk to this Lawful Neutral Elven Enchanter. You can recruit him or dismiss him. Mulahey has his personalised Moonblade if you want to recruit him. If you reject him or your NPC Reaction is 1-7 he will swipe back his Moonblade (if you have it) before departing.


Divide your forces. Mages and Fighters should enter Mulahey's room while at least two characters such as a Cleric and another Fighter or Thief should wait near the narrowed route into the pool room. Talk to Mulahey. Bring him to justice and do not accept his surrender. The pool room will fill with Skeletons and Kobolds when he turns hostile. Kill him. Raid the chest. Collecting his letters will start Chapter 3.
REWARD: 650 exp, Mulahey's Holy Symbol, Ring of Holiness, Boots of Grounding, Morning Star, Large Shield, Chainmail Armor, 29gp
LOOT: Moonblade, Short Sword +1, Potion of Absorption, Potion of Healing (2), [Armor], [Infravision], [Charm Person], [Sleep], [Identify], [Web], Letter (2), 790gp


Leave Mulahey's cave and head to the exit. This will take you to the Valley of the Tombs. The exit will collapse once you have used it.


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